Joe Biden will not delay withdrawal from Afghanistan – VG

Joe Biden will not delay withdrawal from Afghanistan - VG
The World Health Organization decides: If US President Joe Biden wants to extend the evacuation from Afghanistan, the decision must be taken quickly. The White House released this photo of the Group of Seven meeting on Tuesday.

Despite strong protests from several allied countries, US President Joe Biden will continue to withdraw Americans from Afghanistan on August 31.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, according to Reuters, that there was no agreement at Tuesday’s G7 meeting to extend this deadline.

Merkel says the evacuation cannot continue without US support.

This will also have consequences for the evacuation of the Norwegian authorities, and they have been called for a Norwegian press conference at 19:00.

Reuters quoted an anonymous official as saying that US President Joe Biden supported the Pentagon’s recommendation not to extend his stay in Afghanistan. CNN also reported that Biden will stick to the August 31 deadline, despite protests from US allies. The reason must be concerns about the safety of those who might stay during the deadline.

The news has not been officially confirmed by the White House.

Reuters, CNN and The Associated Press all write that Biden has simultaneously asked the Pentagon to make contingency plans in case they decide to stay longer. Sticking to the August 31 deadline depends on the Taliban’s cooperation in the evacuations.

Following the G7 meeting on Tuesday, EU President Charles Michel said they are concerned about EU citizens and the ability of others to get to the airport. Michel is asking the United States and other allies to “secure the airport as long as necessary” to continue the evacuation.

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In short – the drama of the evacuation:

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