The Model Y will be NOK 120,000 cheaper

The Model Y will be NOK 120,000 cheaper

The introduction of a weight tax and value-added tax on cars more expensive than 500,000 means that many electric cars have become significantly more expensive this year.

Today, however, Tesla brings good news. They’re significantly reducing the prices of the Model 3 and Model Y.

The latter will be NOK 120,000 cheaper as of today. We’re talking about the entry-level model, which starts at NOK 519,990 and goes to NOK 399,990 now.

So the price is NOK 120,000 lower. Long Range and Performance versions also get a price cut.

New price for Model 3

Minstemann, the Model 3, is also much less expensive as of today. Here the prices drop from NOK 409,990 to NOK 369,990.

Note: These are starting prices without tax, Tesla said in its press release. This means that weight tax, scrap deposit and VAT are added on issues over NOK 500,000.

Updated prices, including all taxes, should now be available on Tesla’s website.

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Three versions: The Model 3 is delivered in three different versions. Model 3, Model 3 Longe Range and Model 3 Performance.

Lower production costs

Tesla explains the lower price of the Model Y and Model 3 with lower production costs, among other things.

Because despite the big challenges in 2022, with semiconductor shortages, an energy crisis, logistical constraints, and coronavirus restrictions, Tesla says it has continued to lay the foundations for future growth, by regionalizing its production and supply chains.

They are also beginning to transition to a more seamless distribution strategy, to reduce logistics and delivery peaks.

Tesla further says that focusing on product improvement, through original engineering and manufacturing processes, has improved its ability to make the best product at an industry-leading cost.

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Half the wheel: half the price?  Anyway, Tesla cut production costs last year.

Half the wheel: half the price? Anyway, Tesla cut production costs last year.

Strong sales increase worldwide

The somewhat normalization of cost growth is also a factor why Tesla now wants to pass this on to customers.

Last year, Tesla topped the registration stats for new car sales in Norway. They delivered a total of 21,303 cars. The Model Y was the best seller, with 17,356 deliveries.

But globally, sales also increased strongly in 2022.

Compared to the previous year, Tesla could register 40 percent growth. In total, Tesla delivered 1.31 million vehicles last year.

Production increased by 47 percent – to 1.37 million vehicles.

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Tesla lowers prices

  • The Model Y has been reduced from NOK 519,990 to NOK 399,990.
  • The Model Y Long Range has been reduced from NOK 559,900 to NOK 469,990.
  • The Model Y’s performance has been reduced from $599,990 to $544,990.
  • The Model 3 has been reduced from NOK 409,900 to NOK 369,900.
  • The Model 3 Long Range has been reduced from NOK 494,990 to NOK 459,990.
  • The Model 3’s performance has been reduced from NOK 534,990 to NOK 524,990.

* All prices are excluding taxes.

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