Promises of free rent for witnesses in a murder case – VG

Promises of free rent for witnesses in a murder case - VG
Most Wanted Witnesses: Danish police cordoned off the scene of the murder of the 37-year-old woman in Holbeck last Thursday.

Danish police are now calling two important witnesses in the case in which a 37-year-old pregnant woman was murdered in Holbeck before the end of the week.


The boy survived the murder of his mother.

It was Central and Western New Zealand Police that started the search on Sunday. They believe the two witnesses may have seen the killer, but they were in the area in connection with a home burglary.

“We’ve made a number of discoveries in the area that indicate these two men were presumably out to commit burglaries in the area,” Deputy Police Inspector Kim Loveqvist of Central and Western New Zealand Police says in a press release.

It is believed that this is the reason why they did not participate.

– So we want to tell them very clearly that they are free to rent if they apply. It is very important for us that they contact us and tell us what they saw at the time of the murder. We won’t ask them why they are in the area, says Löfkvist.

Preliminary investigations showed the 37-year-old had just finished work when an offender who stabbed her several times attacked her and pulled her out of the car, Central and Western New Zealand police told Danish news agency Riesau early Friday morning.

Investigator: Kim Loveqvist, Central and West Zealand Police.

Police received a report of the incident in Samsøvej in Holbæk on Thursday at 11.10pm. There they found the woman badly injured from several stab wounds, and she was later pronounced dead in hospital. It later emerged that the girl she was carrying survived the killing.

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Since the murder occurred, the Danish police have spent a lot of resources investigating the case.

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