Secret NATO report: – Russia brings fighter planes from Crimea – VG

Secret NATO report: - Russia brings fighter planes from Crimea - VG
Moved from crime: six Su-35 fighter jets must have already left Crimea, and we have to believe a secret NATO report.

The recent explosions in Crimea may have led Russia to take steps that could eventually weaken its ability to attack in southern Ukraine. This was revealed in a confidential NATO report.


that it interested in trade Who obtained access to a confidential NATO report where the information appears.

Russia has already moved ten combat aircraft, six Su-35s and four MiG-31BMs from the Crimea, which it annexed to Russia. According to the report, the plan is to withdraw all aircraft. It may be a response to several explosions in Crimea in recent weeks.

Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the bombingsalthough in July the country announced the attacks Against the Russian fleet in the Black Sea in the Crimea. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has also made clear that Ukraine’s goal is to restore Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014.

The transfer of aircraft from Crimea will make it difficult for Russia to use them in the war in Ukraine. The Belbek base near Sevastopol is the most important Russian-backed base for fighting in southern Ukraine and in the Black Sea, according to the report.

It is a dangerous situation for the Russians, if it is true that they have to withdraw planes from Crimea because of the eruptions, says senior Danish analyst Jacob Carsbo at think tank Europa.

– There is little reliable information, but they played an important role for the Russian front in the south. He tells the Danes that it is a dangerous situation for the Russians that this whole region is now under threat TV2.

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He says that withdrawing the planes will make the Russians react longer

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