Vladimir Putin, Ukraine | Putin withdraws Russia from the ceasefire agreement

Vladimir Putin, Ukraine |  Putin withdraws Russia from the ceasefire agreement

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Putin signed a law revoking Russia’s ratification of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. This is what the Russian Interfax agency wrote, Thursday morning. This is not surprising, because the Federation Council, the upper chamber of the Russian National Assembly, had already decided that Russia should withdraw from the agreement.

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Almighty Putin

It was Putin himself who decided on October 5 that Russia should withdraw ratification, and the decision was then referred to the Russian parliament for “official processes” to follow.

– It is not surprising that Parliament is a puppet of Putin, but it nevertheless represents a strong political signal, when it occurs with such a large turnout, Berlinsky’s correspondent in Russia, Emil Rotbohl, says.

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The 1996 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty prohibits all types of nuclear test explosions. The five nuclear powers – the United States, Russia, China, Great Britain and France – signed the agreement, but neither the United States nor China ratified it.

In the past, Vladimir Putin has said that Russia would not resume test bombings unless the United States did so. CNN It published satellite images purportedly showing increased activity at nuclear weapons testing facilities in Russia, the US and China.

Condemnation from Norway

At the beginning of October, Norway came out and condemned Russia’s signals that it wanted to exit the ceasefire agreement.

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– Former Foreign Minister Anneken Huitfeldt said that Norway strongly distances itself from the irresponsible Russian rhetoric on nuclear weapons, which we recently expressed at the UN General Assembly.

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