Norsk Kernicraft, Johnny Heisthammer

Norsk Kernicraft, Johnny Heisthammer

Norsk Kjernekraft today took the first official step towards investigating a concrete nuclear power plant in Norway by sending a “Notification with Proposal for an Investigation Programme” to the Ministry of Oil and Energy (OED). Once the program has been defined, impact evaluation can begin.

The company announces this in a press release.

– It is the first official step towards granting the license, says Managing Director Jonny Heesthammer from Norsk Kjernekraft to Nettavisen. – It is the first time in the history of Norway that this has been done.

Municipality of Or and Heim

According to the initial plan, the factory is scheduled to be located in a joint industrial zone in the border area between the municipalities of Ur and Haim. Other areas in municipalities may also be relevant. The power plant is planned to consist of several small modular reactors (SMR), which together will produce about 12.5 TWh per year, if the plant is fully built.

At the full development stage, this corresponds to an increase in energy production in Norway of about eight percent. Since nuclear energy produces electricity without greenhouse gas emissions, this would be a very significant contribution to the green transition.

This first step towards implementation is being taken after the company concluded an agreement of intent earlier this year on investigating nuclear energy with several municipalities, including Ore and Heim. Aure and Heim, in cooperation with Norsk Kjernekraft, have found a suitable area, where the plant is planned to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions in the municipality are reduced, and at the same time more green industry can be created.

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The impact investigation cannot begin until the investigation program is clarified with the CEO’s office, and Norsk Kjernekraft is planning a transparent process with the public, with special participation from local residents. If the impact assessment shows that the facility can be built within acceptable limits, permitting processes will be carried out in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations, and finally construction will take place. In addition, several important milestones must be reached before any major investments are made or final decisions are made.

Political will

Heisthammer says the nuclear power plant could be ready within ten years.

– Orr and Heim are in breach, and with political will and acceptance among citizens, we could actually have nuclear power within 10 years, depending on how quickly the authorities process the demand. Half of Norway’s total energy consumption is still fossil fuels. Hence, the planned power plant in Or and Haim will contribute to saving electricity and significantly reducing emissions. With good maintenance, the plant can last up to a hundred years. Thus, it will be able to provide cheap electricity to the population for several decades after paying for it.

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