Users Complain About Shorter Battery Life in iOS 15.4

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Users Complain About Shorter Battery Life in iOS 15.4

But the problem can be short-lived.

On Tuesday this week, Apple released iOS 15.4. The new software update contains a number of major improvements, such as the ability to wear a face mask while using face unlock and the long-awaited “Global Control” function.

But as with all new software, there are always some users who encounter issues, and iOS 15.4 is no exception. A number of users expressed their frustration on Twitter, complaining of reduced battery life after the update:

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Complaints about low battery life after a software update are nothing new, and they may be temporary.

For example, in a previous iOS update, ZDNet explained that for many the problem was due to a number of background processes in the mobile that started when the new software was launched.

Installing a new operating system on your iPhone causes a number of things to run in the background. Everything from indexing to recalibrating the battery, this can take hours or even days. Not only does this use energy, but recalibrating the battery can give the impression that the battery is draining faster when in fact it isn’t. Add to that the double factor with the many app updates happening after a new release, along with the many new features available that could put more stress on an older phone, ZDNet writes.

In other words, if you’re also experiencing significantly worse battery life after iOS 15.4, you may only have to wait a few days for the issue to resolve itself.

You can also check your mobile phone battery status by going to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health. There you can find out if the reduced battery life is due to aging of the battery. For example, it is normal to see that the battery has lost its maximum capacity by 10-20 percent after a few years.

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