Elon Musk shut down Jack Sweeney’s Twitter account – now back on Meta-Owned Threads – Dagsavisen

Elon Musk shut down Jack Sweeney’s Twitter account – now back on Meta-Owned Threads – Dagsavisen

In December 2022, less than two months after Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, he noticed that the @ElonJets user account was banned. The account used publicly available traffic data to track Elon Musk’s private jet and made posts about it on social media.

The account was managed by Jack Sweeney, a young American programmer.

Now it has been created new account On Twitter’s new competitor, Threads.

ElonJet is hitting the strings, he wrote in his first post Thursday.

Since then, he has started posting updates of Musk’s private jet, and has so far gained 54,000 followers.

Not available in Norway

Threads is owned by Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company, which also has Facebook and Instagram in its portfolio.

Portrayed as a text version of the photo-sharing app Meta Instagram, social media was immediately seen as a competitor to Elon Musk’s Twitter. According to Zuckerberg, they’ve logged 70 million users since the launch Thursday night. Thread is not currently available in Norway and other EU/EEA countries, due to the region’s strict data protection rules.

The Norwegian Data Protection Agency is concerned with the privacy requirements for threads. says department director Tobias Godin NRK The app gives Meta the ability to monitor users more.

Meta’s business model is to get as much data about you as possible. Meta themselves say they will collect everything you do on threads, and this can be used to profile you and adapt ads to you, he says.

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in a post on his site Subject Profile On the other hand, Sweeney is proud of the new social site and at the same time accesses Twitter.

Twitter will slowly but surely fall behind if it does not join decentralized networks. It really calls Musk’s so-called “free speech city square” into question. Musk is a forward-looking person in tech, so why not follow the new decentralized idea, he writes.

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