More Apple Discoveries – ITavisen

More Apple Discoveries – ITavisen

Before, Apple uses A13 chip in Studio Display with 64GB of storage and iOS. The chip brings to life the “Center Stage” camera function, 3D audio and “Hey, Siri”.

Active displays, a new small LED display, and AirPods with a body temperature gauge

Now Apple’s plan, according to Mark Gurman, is to turn screens more into an active device when not in use. It is likely that we are talking about a similar function that iOS 17 brings to iPhones: StandBy, the function that displays a muted clock and calendar when the mobile is turned horizontally and connected to power.

The question is whether this also comes in the form of an update to the Studio Display software, or if you will have to buy a new model. In fact, iPads were also rumored to have the feature, but that didn’t happen when Apple announced iPadOS 17 last month.

More Apple discoveries

In other Apple news, Gurman revealed that Apple is working on a small 27-inch LED display and a 30-inch iMac. Gurman also expects that a new generation of AirPods will be able to measure body temperature, but this possibility will take longer to come to market than USB C charging, which is, of course, in the new versions.

Gurman also points out that the price of the AirPods is a bit high compared to the competition, and that it’s not impossible for Apple to drop the price from $129 to the magic number of $99.

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