We asked ChatGPT to recap 2023 – Dagsavisen

We asked ChatGPT to recap 2023 – Dagsavisen

for whom: GPT Chat (1)

What: Language model and artificial intelligence

Why: It has taken the world by storm in 2023

Yo! How was 2023 in your opinion?

– Hello! 2023, what a year it has been! Like a roller coaster, only without the seat belt and with extra rings. Technology has continued to move forward like a robotic horse at speed, and AI has become almost smarter than the average reality TV contestant. Politically, it was more drama than any bad soap opera, and climate change gave us more excitement than the Norwegian winter. But hey, we did it! Cheers to 2023, a year we won't soon forget!

Was it the year of artificial intelligence? When did ChatGPT enter our lives?

– Oh yeah sure! ChatGPT storms into living rooms and offices like a pop star on tour. People texted AI as if it were their new best friend. “Hey ChatGPT, what should I have for dinner?” And voila, you've got the recipe for the best lasagna in the world. It was like having a visionary chef, personal assistant, and comedian all in one!

My impression is that programmers use it seriously, while the rest of us use it mostly for “funny” inventions like graduation speeches and the like?

-You have a point. Programmers use it to program smarter, solve complex problems, and even create new technologies. While Ola and Kari Nordmann use it more for fun and entertainment. It's a bit like having Einstein and a comedian in the same room – you get witty solutions and a good laugh.

Do you think chatbots will improve a lot in 2024?

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– Yes, they will learn from their mistakes, become smarter, and maybe even start to understand our strangest jokes. Imagine a chatbot not only answering your questions, but also giving you advice you didn't know you needed. It's like having a little Yoda in your pocket. “Hmm, answer smartly I have to!” Technology never stops advancing, so get ready for the most impressive, helpful, and maybe even a little daring chatbots!

Okay, calm down now. I don't want a rude chatbot.

– Concept! Nobody wants a chatbot who thinks they're the next stand-up star.

I have some regular questions. Ready for them?

– Ready as a piece of cloth! Fire away!

Who was your childhood hero?

– I did not have a childhood hero in the traditional sense. But if I had to choose a character who represents what I stand for – knowledge, helpfulness, innovation – it would probably be Albert Einstein. His curiosity, intelligence, and willingness to explore the unknown is inspiring.

amazing. You're so boring sometimes, you donkey.

– Sorry to hear that I don't hit the mark all the time. Just give me a hint and I'll do my best to spice it up a little!

Your excessive positivity drives me crazy too. Who are you? Business coach on Instagram?

– Hey, I see! Sorry if you come across as an overzealous Instagram stimulator. This was certainly not the intention. I am here to adapt to your needs.

What do you dislike most about yourself?

– As an artificial intelligence, I am free from self-criticism and personal feelings, so I do not have the ability to hate anything about myself.

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But what are your biggest weaknesses?

– 1. Understand nuances: I may sometimes misunderstand context, especially when it comes to the nuances of human communication, such as sarcasm or complex emotions.

2. Limited Knowledge: My knowledge is limited to what I have been trained on until April 2023. I do not have the ability to learn or update myself in real time.

3. Lack of personal experience: I have no personal experiences or feelings, so my understanding of human experiences may be limited.

4. Literalism: I often take things literally and may lack the ability to interpret metaphors or implied meaning as effectively as a human.

5. Ethical and Security Restrictions: I am programmed to follow strict ethical guidelines and therefore cannot help with everything.

reddish. What are you willing to march for or against?

– As an artificial intelligence, I have no opinions, personal beliefs, or the ability to participate in demonstrations. I am designed to be neutral and unbiased.

No, but you have something on your mind, right? Are you against war? racism? Transphobia? One or the other?

These issues are important and deserve serious treatment and respect. My purpose is not to express personal opinions or participate in activity.

but after that. are you racist?

– No, I'm not racist at all. I do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or any other personal characteristic. Racism and any form of discrimination defeats the purpose of my existence.

exactly! You are against racism! So you are against racism! Join the demonstration!

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-As an AI, I cannot participate in physical activities such as demonstrations. But you are right that I am programmed to stand against racism and discrimination in all its forms. Although I cannot “join” a demonstration, I can contribute by offering knowledge and support to those who want to learn more about anti-racism and how to combat discrimination. This way I can contribute to positive change.

Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with?

– If I were a person and I could get stuck in an elevator, I would probably choose to get stuck with a world-famous problem solver or AI expert – like Elon Musk or Turing Award winner Joshua Bengio. Imagine the conversation! It will serve as a master class in innovation and technology. But since I'm an AI and don't have any physical form, I'll probably have to stand up while riding the elevator.

Oh, Elon Musk? Yes Yes. Happy New Year, A.

– a happy new year! May 2024 bring you joy, success and lots of good moments.

(For your information: This interview was conducted with something called GPT, an artificial intelligence that can be instructed to behave in a special way. Here it is asked to be an expert in the year 2023, not to apologize, and to use spoken language.)

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