Stock Shipping Outlets on the Dock –

Stock Shipping Outlets on the Dock -

Charging electric cars on the street can be challenging, as charging infrastructure takes up space on the sidewalk. Certain solutions have been developed to make it easier, as in Stavanger where The light poles are equipped with charging sockets.

A new concept from German company Rheinmetall, also a major arms manufacturer, takes it a step further: Curbside charging sockets, which can deliver up to 22 kW.

According to the company, this would make it possible to roll out an infrastructure that is almost invisible in the cityscape, while at the same time affecting the space in which it was created as little as possible.

The solution was developed to take advantage of existing infrastructure, according to Rheinmetall. Entire streets should be upgradeable with electric vehicle charging. The dock can be prepared for charging, then the charging unit can be installed when needed.

Can be installed or replaced in minutes

Once the solution is arranged, the charging socket can be installed in minutes, according to a press release. It should take a similar short time to replace the charging socket if it needs repair.

The technology is currently in the testing phase, and will eventually be tested in a pilot project. The press release does not say anything about when this happened.

According to Rheinmetall, the system should be able to integrate with existing OCPP shipping backend systems. The system should also be suitable for larger corporate charging stations, for example, company reports.


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