RBK, Geir Frigaard Strongly contradicts the criticism of the RBK supporters: – Nonsense

RBK, Geir Frigaard  Strongly contradicts the criticism of the RBK supporters: – Nonsense

(The newspaper online/ Nidaros): – So, fun and offensive football, what is it then? Is it just backwards, up a narrow inner runner and out to the edge that cuts through? Should goals be scored in a special way? Is it fun and offensive football, or fun and offensive football when you attack quickly with a lot of people, regardless of whether you play 4-3-3 or 3-5-2, Frigård asks the opposite. TV 2.

Frigård refers to the banner displayed by the “Kjernen” fan group at the match against Vålerenga in May. It read: “Here, you play fun, offensive football.”

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– There are very few trainers in Norway who are more eager to make a breakthrough than Kjetil and I. We’re very concerned that things have to move forward quickly with a lot of people, but we’re not too concerned about whether it’s going to be a 4-3-3 or a 3-4-3. We are interested in the principles of the way we play. I feel this debate has not swayed in Trondelag. It’s like a 4-3-3 and a special kind of soccer that you have to play, Frigård tells the channel.

– I think that the discussions there are often very inaccurate. To me, a lot of people seem to care about 4-3-3 and football being fun and attacking, versus the principles of what you do. It’s just nonsense to me.

Frigård and Rekdal were fired as Rosenborg’s coaches earlier in the season after a far below par start to the season.

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He himself was convinced they were going to turn things around when they went on holiday after a 2-2 finish at Nadrud on June 11th. Frigård tells TV2 that they had a positive development in the game during this period.

Then the club chose to take this step, and we can’t do anything about it, but I’m convinced we would have turned it around this year and had the same development in this team as we did last year.

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Here comes Svein Maalen, the man who represents football as a 4-3-3. Mallen did not get immediate results as a coach, which often happens after a change of coach. 0-3 against Sarpsborg 08 and 1-0 away against Ålesund are Maln’s two highlights as coach at Rosenborg.

On Sunday afternoon, Mallen and RBK will compete against Team Lilleström in a bad period. The match is being played on the grass in Lerkendal, where Reckdal and Frigaard were almost unbeatable at the end of the season last year.

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Rosenborg finished twelfth in the table, with his path to relegation much shorter than reaching the medal.

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