It is said that a “small cloud tornado” occurred outside of Troms – NRK Troms and Finnmark

It is said that a “small cloud tornado” occurred outside of Troms – NRK Troms and Finnmark

“We’ve been watching all day,” meteorological consultant Trond Robertsen tells NRK on Saturday afternoon.

Yair reported Saturday that what appeared to be a hurricane-like phenomenon had formed in the sea west of Kevalua, located outside of Tromsø.

Local low pressure, along with fog and light breeze, will be behind the weather phenomenon.

Trond Robertsen works at the Institute of Meteorology in Tromsø.

Photo: Harvard Larsen/

However, Robertson denies that it is a hurricane in the proper sense of the word.

– In this case, there is very little wind, so we have to talk about a misty cloud swirl. A hurricane will create a lot more winds.

It is said that this phenomenon was eight kilometers wide, and occurred approx. 30 nautical miles outside of Kefalonia.

Perhaps they witnessed the outer wall of the phenomenon.

He must have seen the “Wall of Fog”

Robertson believes that this phenomenon could have been observed, if there were boats nearby, in the following way:

– It will have a very low mist cover over it, and suddenly they will enter the middle, where the cloudless region will appear, surrounded by a gray wall.

Even the fog phenomenon

Two women rowing in a Nordland boat are said to have seen a wall of mist on Saturday night.

Photo: private

Rita Glenn and In Lil Helm Gabrielsen have been walking along the coast of Norway for weeks, and are said to have noticed what could be the outer wall of fog on the outer side of Senja.

– Last night I rowed from Gjebostad in the evening, and on Saturday night I noticed from a long distance a particular haze in the transition Malangen and Straumsfjorden, says Gabrielsen to NRK.

Women at Nordlandsbåt

Rita Glenn (left) and Ine Lil Helm Gabrielsen (right) are said to have witnessed the extremes of the weather phenomenon on Saturday night.

Photo: from Instagram account: @baklengsmotnord

She thinks it might have been a matter of sea fog:

– But I think that the fog “floats” a little above the surface of the water. Nor was it brought up, as it often does.

Kågtind II

One of the trawlers of Nergaard Hafeski has been trawling in the area for several days, with the phenomenon occurring on Saturday morning.

Photo: screenshot

Hunting skipper: – I didn’t see anything

Kågtind II

The trawler Kågtind II was fishing in the area, and this phenomenon must have occurred for several days.

Photo: sea front

NRK spoke to the captain of the fishing boat “Kågtind II”, who has been in the area for several days.

He confirms that it is cloudy in the area, but he told NRK that they did not notice any abnormal weather phenomena.

– I came on duty, not long ago, but I’ve never heard of there being anything like a wall of mist in the area, the Captain tells NRK.

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