England: – Four children died:

England: – Four children died:

On December 11 last year, West Midlands Police were called to Babbs Mill Lake in England after reports of four children falling into the water.

The children were the four boys Jack Johnson (10), brothers Samuel (6) and Finlay Butler (8), and their cousin Thomas Stewart (11).

It is said that the boys fell through the ice, one by one, trying to feed the ducks.

newspaper reports Watchman.

The family said goodbye: then he woke up

fell through the ice

It was Samuel, Finlay and Thomas who first went out on the ice to feed the birds.

Finley had fallen through the ice first, whereupon his cousin Thomas jumped in to save him. When he was not successful in this alone, Samuel threw himself in to help. At once, the paper further wrote, the three children were lying in the icy cold water.

Rescued: Igor and Luna save a drowning 15-year-old girl. Igor and Luna are also dogs. Video: SICSCENTROMERIDIONALE via Facebook. Correspondent: Klaus Holm Fjellro / Dagbladet TV. Music: Epidemic Sound.
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Ten-year-old Jack Johnson came running to the frozen lake first after hearing the screams of the other boys. According to The Guardian, he tried to save these children, but died during the rescue attempt.

All children drowned in cold water.

– This is a terrible tragedy in which many children were lost. All they did was try to help each othercrime detective James Edmunds tells the paper.

He says that the children were found almost in the water. Half an hour after the terrible tragedy occurred. The frost and the depth of the lake meant that they could not reach the children at first.

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To the hospital after treatment direction

To the hospital after treatment direction

– damn it

– They were all sent to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead, he says, and adds that the children may have developed cold shock in their bodies.

There was nothing else we could do for them.

An entire community is in shock and grief after the tragic event. Many of them describe the children as “loving, good, kind young men who had their whole lives ahead of them.”

– We will always miss your laughter. This is horrible,” a family member wrote on a memorial page created by a family member.

“They followed their hearts and risked their lives to save each other. It’s heartbreaking, beautiful — and at the same time absolutely terrible.”writes another.

drowning attempt This man was forced to attempt to kill a police dog to escape intense police pursuit in Ohio, USA. Correspondent: Klaus Holm Fjellro / Dagbladet TV. Video/Photo: City County Sheriff’s Office. Music: Epidemic Sound.
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