A minister wants to punish Israel newspaper: – Empty threats

A minister wants to punish Israel newspaper: – Empty threats

Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi is said to have suggested punishing the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.


the He writes in the same newspaper on Thursday. Many media outlets, among others Jerusalem PostThe matter was discussed.

The reason is allegedly because Karhi believes the newspaper is “subverting Israel during wartime” and is “a mouthpiece for Israel’s enemies.”

The Minister of Communications is said to have submitted a proposal to stop publishing government advertisements in the newspaper. In addition, he wants to cancel all government subscriptions to the newspaper.

The proposal was sent to the Secretary to the Government.

He is said to have written at the same time that he had received many complaints about the newspaper since the war began.

– Israel is an agent of Haaretz newspaper, and the government has the authority to decide that it is not interested in being an agent of a newspaper that subverts Israel during wartime, and that undermines the morale of Israeli soldiers and civilians in the face of the enemy. This is what was stated in the proposal, which was reproduced by Haaretz.

– Empty threats

The case was not well received by the Israeli Journalists Syndicate or the newspaper’s publisher, Amos Shokin.

– If the government wants to close Haaretz, it is time to read Haaretz, Shokin says in response to Haters’ suggestion.

The Journalists Syndicate also strongly opposes Karahi and his proposal.

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– The Minister of Communications has lost his way. They write and continue:

His new proposal to stop the government’s relationship with the newspaper is a populist proposal that is useless and meaningless. The whole goal is to get Likes On his political base at the expense of ethical journalists who worked day and night to cover war news

According to the same newspaper, Haaretz, the association also comes to support its employees.

– We support Haaretz journalists, and we are certain that they continue to do important work for the benefit of Israel and will not be derailed by the minister’s empty and stupid threats.


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