The FBI searched the home of the adventurer’s girlfriend on Instagram – VG

The FBI searched the home of the adventurer's girlfriend on Instagram - VG
Evidence: FBI investigators outside the home where Gabe Pettito, Brian Laundry and his parents lived in North Port, Florida.

Instagram adventurer Gabi Pettito, 22, was found dead on Sunday in Teton, USA. Her mother replied to a series of suspicious text messages before disappearing.


On Monday, the FBI broke into the home where Pettito and his girlfriend Brian Laundry, 23, lived with Laundry’s parents. It’s reports CNN.

Pictures from the driveway next to the couple’s home show FBI investigators carrying boxes of evidence boxes from the property. They also towed Laundry – Ford Mustang.

Pettito’s disappearance was reported on 9/11 – after she and her boyfriend went on a long car trip in the US and they trusted her on Instagram to her hundreds of thousands of followers.

Police obtained a search warrant by pointing to a series of suspicious text messages that Gabi Pettito’s mother had received.

According to Reuters, the mother said that on August 27 she received a message from her daughter’s phone number, in which she described that she had received several calls and voice messages from “Stan”, who is Pettito’s grandfather.

She replied to the letter, as the daughter usually mentions the grandfather by first name.

In the last text message the family received from Pettito’s phone number on August 30, it was written: “No coverage in Yosemite.”

Yosemite is California National Park – 130 miles from Teton, Wyoming, Where it is said that Gabi Pettito was found dead. The family does not believe she wrote this letter herself.

Go back on your own – I found the remains

Brian Laundry returned alone to their home in North Port, Florida, on September 1, ten days before Pettito was reported missing.

But on Friday last week, he was also reported missing, and the FBI began a search for him in a Florida nature reserve. His family says they have not seen him since Tuesday.

He still does not have suspect status in the case, but the FBI describes him as a “person of interest.” Pettito’s family claims that he is not missing, but that he has gone into hiding.

The car they were traveling in together, a white Ford, was found parked outside their home.

On Sunday, a dead person, whom the FBI believes to be Pettito, was found in a forest in Teton Municipality in Wyoming, northwest of the United States.

The FBI has yet to prove 100 per cent that he is Pettito – and an autopsy will be held on Tuesday to confirm identity.

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Meanwhile, police in Northport, Florida have largely confirmed that he is the missing Instagram adventurer.

– We are sorry and sad to hear that Gabe has been found dead. “Our focus from the start has been to get back to her home,” Northport Police wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Pettito’s father, Joe, also shared a message on Twitter in which he wrote that she “made a world impact”.

According to the FBI, the home was searched Monday in connection with the Pettito case. Laundry’s parents were also questioned after the search.

The FBI removed several items from the house, and a Ford Mustang was towed.

Laundry refused to speak to investigators before he disappeared. On Monday, a North Fort Police spokesperson said the investigation had shifted focus after they searched the entire nature reserve.

Crying in the video

On Friday, police released a video clip from an officer’s body camera. It appears that on August 12, police arrested the couple in Utah. The police had received a report from a witness of a possible incident of domestic violence in the car.

In the car, Pettito cried uncontrollably, but the police were informed that he did not hit her. Both are said to have told the police that they “were in love and engaged and did not want to see anyone accused of anything criminal”.

Meanwhile, Brian Laundry is said to have told police that it was emotionally stressful for the couple to travel together for so long. At the time, they had been traveling for four to five months.

Police in Moab, Utah, where the accident occurred, concluded that it may not have escalated into violence in intimate relationships, Reuters reported.

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The most important dates in the case

Here’s what we know about the couple’s road trip:

  • July: Pettito and Londry travel on a road trip from her hometown of Long Island, New York. Then they drove for the first time from Florida. According to the BBC The trip took four months.
  • 12. August: Police arrested the couple in Moab, Utah. One witness reported seeing something that could have been a violent accident in the car. The couple told the police that they were arguing, but no one was violent.
  • 24. August: Pettito talking to his mother in a video chat. She says they travel from Utah to Teton, Wyoming.
  • 25 – August: Pettito shares her latest Instagram post: “Happy Halloween,” she wrote, while posing with a pumpkin.
  • 27 – August: Pettito and his mother text each other. The family believes she was in Teton.
  • 30. August: The family received a final message from Gabe Pettito’s phone number: “No coverage in Yosemite,” which is the name of a California national park – 130 miles southeast of Teton, where she was said to have been found dead. The Pettito family does not believe that Gabe sent this message.
  • 1. September: Brian Laundry returns home to North Port, Florida on the couple’s RV.
  • September 11: Pettito’s family in New York reported her missing, as they do not contact her.
  • 14. September: Laundry’s family says this is the last time they saw him. Now it is also missing.
  • 19. September: A person was found dead in Teton, Wyoming. The FBI says the results agree with Pettito, but they can’t provide 100 percent confirmation until the autopsy is completed.
  • 20. September: Police are searching the Laundry family’s home in Northport.
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