Broadcom has bought VMware and thus has become important for AI

Broadcom has bought VMware and thus has become important for AI

Broadcom, the chip maker based in San Jose, Calif., has acquired VMware (Palo Alto, Calif.) for NOK 657 billion.

The cloud must grow in line with the use of AI

The cloud and virtualization company will become part of Broadcom (Data Centers, Cloud and Network Infrastructure), which started as part of HP many years ago and has managed to secure purchase approval in the largest markets, including the EU, UK and UK. Canada and China.

The takeover made sense, but because both companies were independently huge, there was suspicion of a monopoly in the EU. “This made VMware a logical target for Broadcom, but it also put the acquisition in the crosshairs of regulators in many regions,” Engadget wrote.

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New economical engine

In an interesting dispute, Broadcom managed to gain the trust of the European Union by providing the source code for its fiber-optic component technology to arch-rival Marvell. The EU also concluded that the company would in any case face competition in the market for storage adapters and network cards.

The cloud and AI market are connected in several ways, because it is important for the consumer sector that companies offering an increasing number of AI/MBA services are agile. This applies to client queries on the web/cloud as well as locally on the device.

It is expected that Apple, for privacy reasons, will allow the A18 chips, which will be launched with the A18 in the fall of next year, to drive a new generation of Siri with LLM and that the calculation will be mainly done on the device. Qualcomm has the same technology in its chipsets for Android, and this will also be one of the big selling points for mobile phones in 2024.

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LLM courses have become increasingly important, because technology can hear, see and listen, but also because the market has stagnated in traditional areas such as CPU performance – instead, companies have turned their eyes to where they can increase performance: GPUs and brightness modules. On mobile screens. Overall, the AI ​​sector will be the economic engine driving force for other markets, such as cameras and sensors, and in this way challenges the use of traditional inputs with computers that have been dominated by monitors, mice and keyboards.

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