A group linked to Russia is behind a massive leak of US data

A group linked to Russia is behind a massive leak of US data

A hacker attack on one of America’s largest dental health insurers has exposed the personal information of nearly nine million patients in the United States, according to Techcrunch.

Atlanta-based Managed Care of North America (MCNA) Dental claims to be the largest dental insurer in the United States. In a letter published on Friday, the company said it became aware of suspicious activity in its computer systems in early March.

– We later learned that the hacker could see and make copies of information in the computer system, MCNA Dental wrote in a letter according to Techcrunch.

The stolen information included a wealth of patient information, including full names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses and other government-issued identification numbers, according to Techcrunch.

According to a data breach notification filed with the Maine Attorney General, the breach affected more than 8.9 million customers of MCNA Dental.

This makes the attack the largest leak of health information in the United States so far in 2023, according to Techcrunch.

However, the hacker group LockBit claimed responsibility for the attack. The group claims to have released all of the files it stole from MCNA Dental after the company refused to pay the $10 million financial claim. About 700 GB of stolen data.

LockBit is a Russia-linked hacker group that was first discovered by the public in September 2019, according to Techcrunch. In recent months, the group has attacked a number of “high-profile victims”, including British postal giant Royal Mail, financial software company Ion Group and the California Department of Finance.

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