Sprint, Ruka 2023: Kristin Staffa’s fear of Skistad at the premiere: – My critical point

Sprint, Ruka 2023: Kristin Staffa’s fear of Skistad at the premiere: – My critical point

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RUKA (VG) Kristin Stafas Skistad (24) crushed everyone in the last four sprints last season, but is refraining from applying as much pressure as possible ahead of her World Cup premiere.


– There is no doubt that the Swedes are the favorites, says Skistad clearly.

The new season begins with a sprint in Finland’s Ruka on Friday (prologue at 10am and quarter-finals from 12.30pm).

Kristin Staffa’s Skistad was beaten by four Swedes in the World Cup race (Jonah Sandling, Emma Ribohm, Maja Dahlqvist and Lin Svan), but she fought back and won four consecutive World Cup sprints after that.

The 24-year-old from Coonrod several times threw his favorite stamp at the Swedes. When asked if it was to take pressure off herself, she replied:

– No, this is just the truth.

– Why?

– Just look at the last toilets.

– But what about the recent World Cup races?

– It doesn’t matter much, no one goes for the last World Cup win at the end of the season.

-Based on everything that has happened, there is no doubt that Sweden is the big favourite.

Sweden’s Jonna Sandling took the last three golds in the sprint championship. She received Skistad’s statement.

– I heard that. It should also be included there (the preferred group), after the victories achieved last season, which were very strong. She can’t put that under the chair, Sandling says.

Check out this duel from March:

Skistad describes the Ruka’s running route as “difficult.” Towards the range there is a long and notorious slope.

– This is the critical point for me. I just have to try to pull myself together.

Last season, Sandling tried several times to achieve high speed from the start in the finals, in order to wear Skistad down before the end.

– How is your stamina this year compared to last year?

– It will be interesting to see, answers Skistad.

-Do you have any tests that indicate anything?

– It should be better than last year, but we’ll see.

Jonah Sandling is looking to see where she stands first and foremost, but also the competitors.

General Trial: Jonna Sandling won the race during the Swedish Open last weekend.  In the background are Emma Rebaum and Nadine Fendrich.

“It tends to be very difficult, and there are no specific things that I try to control, I mostly think about myself,” says Sandling.

– Many people in Norway think that Skistad is mysterious. How do you see it?

-I respect her and how she handles her career. Everyone can be mysterious in their own way.

Norway’s national team in the sprint race on Friday:

  • Ingrid Andrea Gulbrandsen, Mathilde Myhrvold, Kristin Stafas Skistad, Anne Appelqvist Stenseth, Anna Svendsen, and Lotta Odnes Wong.

Sweden national team:

  • Jonah Sandling, Emma Rebohm, Maja Dahlqvist, Lene Svan, Johanna Hagström, Frida Karlsson, and Moa Lundgren.
On the sideline: Ebba Andersson is not allowed to run at Roca.

World Cup queen Ebba Andersson, whose strength lies in distance, is not allowed to go. Her chances of winning the World Cup overall are probably hampered by her performance in the sprint. Therefore, her goal this season is to win the ski race.

– I can’t blame one or the other, it’s just the fact that I have to perform well enough to run. it’s up to me. Because of my physical conditions, I’m not good at running either, Anderson says.

– I do not see the World Cup in general as my big goal here and now.


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