Åsland: – There is a lot of talk about uncertainty in the industry

Åsland: – There is a lot of talk about uncertainty in the industry

name: Terry Aasland
a result: Minister of Oil and Energy

– What is the biggest challenge in the industry now?
– It is the network capacity. It must be increased for several reasons, because it is the basis for us to implement the changes we need in energy use, to move from fossil energy to renewable energy. Available grid capacity is key for us to bring in new power generation.

-Who or what is the biggest obstacle to solving this?
-We have removed some obstacles. We have better licensing processes, started application digitization work and staffed the entire energy department. But we’re not at the goal we are at now, so we’re constantly working toward that.

– How can we solve this?
– Electronic companies that submit license applications without objection must enter a fast track to obtain a quick response. We must also leverage the capacity that already exists in the network. I am concerned that network companies are taking advantage of opportunities inherent in technological and market solutions so that network capacity is leveraged, as well as the possibility of linking consumption to conditions. I’ve also challenged Statnett and networking companies on this, and I’m glad the industry is also focusing on this.

– What do you think of Statnett saying that the grid cannot be expanded without new Norwegian energy production?
-It’s a chicken and egg problem. The grid is the foundation wall and column, but we must have more energy production and use energy sources that are easier to achieve. We have laid a good foundation for this in the national budget, for example by once again strengthening the energy authorities for faster development of grids and renewable energy.

Fast Five: Terry Aasland

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Who is your role model in the industry? I don’t have just one role model.

What do you need to know more about to do a better job? I need new lessons every day, and I get many of them through close contact with industry.

If you could choose any prestigious job in the industry, which one would it be? I have my dream job. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Aside from Europower, what do you read or listen to to stay up to date on the latest developments in renewable energy? All articles about the field of energy, about energy and politics from Norway and the whole world.

What electricity contract do you have? I don’t want to say with whom, but it’s a management agreement and a standard spot rate. I can’t remember what it’s called.

-What is most talked about in the industry?
– Suspicion. If there is one thing that is absolutely certain, it is that investing in renewable energy will be profitable. All of the energy upgrades in hydropower, wind and solar power are better utilized. All forms of investment are highly profitable over time. We have presented a framework related to onshore wind and hydropower. It’s really just a matter of making investment plans. I started!

– What would you do if you were? no Was he energy secretary for a day?
– Then I will work with energy in a different way. I think energy is an incredibly exciting and relevant topic, on a local, national and global level. We see from the curves that the proportion of the population without access to energy is increasing in the world, and there has been discussion about how to obtain more energy. It was very exciting to see this on a global level.

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– What is the most important thing the government can do in the next three months to accelerate renewable energy?
– Incentives have now been adopted in the state budget which lay the foundation for further strengthening of our energy management, modernization in the form of digitalisation, we point out that the high price contribution will be phased out and the basis for wind energy tax collection will be laid. It will be good.

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