Ståle Solbakken Scotland – Norway

Ståle Solbakken Scotland – Norway

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at The Hampden Park club, dressed in festive clothes, celebrated its place in the European Championship and did not care that Norway managed to achieve the score 3-3 in an unimportant match.

Because again, so is Norway not important When it comes to national team football at the highest level:

  • Regardless of whether we produce two world-class stars in Erling Braut Haaland and Martin Odegaard, and have more good players than we have in a long time at European powerhouse clubs, we will be witnessing another playoff run from the sidelines.

Therefore, Ståle Solbakken’s project as a Norwegian coach remains a failure.

then The popular Solbakken took charge of our best men less than three years ago, and it was Norway that got to work 44th place in the FIFA rankings with 1450 points. Now his team has advanced two weak places, and stands with 1469 points.

The issue of FIFA points is a complex process that depends on the quality of the opponent in each international match, but the ranking itself is understandable.

  • There were high expectations for Solbakken as the new coach, but they were not met. Under his reign, Norway remained stagnant in terms of results.

More importantly, losing three different international qualifications at the same time. With Solbakken as coach, Norway withdrew from the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers, missing out on first place at the end of the extra-chance UEFA Nations League, and thus disappearing from the European Football Championship in Germany before that tournament even began.

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What on earth?

the The latter is very heavy. In Germany this summer, space was freed up for a total of 24 first-time participants.

Therefore, Norway’s chances have never been greater, and it is difficult to accept any further defeat:

  • With the best striker in the world and a sensationally good manager of the game in the team, it was not for long.

Only a few coaches have survived such disappointment, and on the other hand, Stahl Solbakken was given a new contract even before the opportunities were lost.

How could that be possible?

Soon a great team

Soon a great team

the answer It is three times:

  • First and foremost, Stal Solbakken is the coach who embodies the values ​​that govern Norwegian football.

While the protest he led against Qatar’s authoritarian World Cup organizers was purely sporting in the first qualifiers, the social gain for the coach was great. Solbakken’s apparent opposition to FIFA president Gianni Infantino’s flirtation with tyrants reflects the attitude that characterizes the entire Norwegian football movement.

When a coach awards social points, they count more than the points added in football.

The world wants Norway

The world wants Norway

In addition to Solbakken is a players man. Or more specifically:

  • He has the full support of international stars Erling Braut Haaland and Martin Odegaard.

The position of these two players in Norwegian football is in itself a guarantee that Stal Solbakken will get a fourth qualification attempt until the 2026 World Cup, and that is a good thing.

After all, these are the same people who we hope will raise Norway to a new international level.

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prosperously admits

prosperously admits

to In the midst of all the poor results, there is certainly hope. There have been a lot of new positive expectations regarding the game during Solbakken’s time as coach.

Opportunities vanished due to individual errors in supposed defensive weaknesses. Just as the three late goals against Scotland came after new and simple personal errors:

  • This team still lacks strong enough defensive qualities.

This makes the defeat in the last qualifiers understandable. But for those who see the essential qualities in this sport, there is no doubt that:

Especially; Finally played good football in a playoff game.

Total transformation

Total transformation

the This is a third good reason to let this coach make one last try, but it is also a debatable point. Several harsh critics pointed out that the Norwegian football team sometimes became too tired:

We have a lot of players who focus on their ground when they get the ball. I miss having to think about the possibility of moving on first, So The legendary Egil Drilo Olsen when he missed the win in the UEFA Nations League against Serbia at home in Ulleval last fall.

But a few days ago, Drillo was very positive about the national team’s development under Solbaken:

It only went in one direction, About Me Drillo then praised the players’ new individual skills and the team’s organization.

Norway has made great strides with Solbakken as presidentHe mentioned.

Interactions: - Heaven is easy

Interactions: – Heaven is easy

Just It was possible to see in Hampden Park:

  • No Norwegian national team has ever played as well as Solbakken in this tradition-rich football arena..
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Throughout the entire first half, Norway came out confidently out of defence, launching long attacks with fluid control of the ball.

Jurgen Strand-Larsen’s goal came 2-1 after a brilliant attack from the right flank, and before the end of the first half Patrik Berg was on the verge of making it 3-2 after a series of 30 passes.

Specifically these basic ball handling skills are a prerequisite for us to have a national team at a good European level.

Then it’s up to the match picture to see how wise it is to have the ball so much.

Soulbakin: - I'm sorry

Soulbakin: – I’m sorry

to It’s clear that this crew also has the skills to pull down touches and raise the tempo. Erling Braut Haaland is back in his place and is impressing in the back room, and there is more attacking power and speed around him.

Against Scotland, his teammate Oscar Pope lined up on the right wing alongside Borussia Dortmund’s Julian Ryerson. It was Ryerson who secured Norway’s equalizer at 3-3 with a technically high shot by an unmarked Mohamed Elyounoussi into the final corner. At a glance, there was high quality in Norway.

These glimpses mean that Stal Solbakken is still the right man to lead the eliminated national team.

But definitely not beaten.

Power ointment: - The spoiled seed

Power ointment: – The spoiled seed

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