Decoration: a new situation comes from my mother and my family and my sins

Decoration: a new situation comes from my mother and my family and my sins

When the kid is on the go when he settles into his day’s carry and accompanies me to my class, there was one resort that traveled, played bocce, and had more fun. Un però tutto questo ci venne proibito perché nel vallon vicino alla fattoria sierano acampati “gli zingari” che, as tutti sanno, “rubano i bambini”. In the “big” ci menacciavano: guai advantarsi. On the new day of the children, they embrace, and continue in isolation, without passing any further.

Sonoduviti passare tanti and tanti anni perché lastmente in multi (non all) si insinuasse il dubbio (non la certezza) che la storia dei reapmenti di bambini da parte dei rom fosse una balla. A few years ago, the Migrant Foundation commissioned research into the argument (“Adoption of minors in space/sinti and sottrazione di minori gagé”) by the Department of Psychology and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Verona and further research was carried out by the University of Florence. Both are unrealistic as they will start to take the child away from part of the room: if they are always in front of a solution to try to decorate. At the same time, research suggests that there is a central basis for media stigma that does not cause panic and confusion.

It worked, and Georgia Governor Melonie Appiah even voted for the “SAFE Ordinance” by protecting children from part of the institution of the law. The error is controlled by controlling the clothes of romance, excitement, and extreme arrest in the capital, in their stations or media while picking up phone bags or mobile phones, or because of pregnancy, or because young mothers may avoid killing. Now, with a clear intention to punish them and their children, the Council of Ministers has decided to authorize child detention (returns to their children) with children under three years of age. Sarà il giudice to appreciate the opportunity of detention that had in fact been completely prohibited until now. The district will still decide that it is “no better” for young children with mothers residing around another, more respectful and dignified family.

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The point is special: this action is particularly abhorrent because it strikes at the heart of the family which, in the culture of Rome, represents the basis of their existence, and their everything.

Racconto un’altra breve storia, di cui sono diretta testimone. I called a mother from Giovanni who gave birth in a hospital in Rome. Everything must be via details: at the moment of the mission, the hospital will refuse the child to dare to go to his mother because he is small, without documents, or at all because the authenticity of the parents cannot be verified. Parlo with la responsable del reparto: «il neonato è nato in questo ospedale, da questa giovane donna, l’avete Fatta Partorire voi. Can you step on your mother?’, child. ‘Make a document, or we’ll call the social worker.’ They were greatly influenced by their mother and their trees – and made widespread use – especially since the social workers did not think much of manipulation and representation at all by parents or loved ones.

There is a document and there is a picture. This transfers all the images. The document cannot require any exact reference, but a hunting and fishing license can widely be obtained. Obtaining a license and improvement by sending it to the hospital for newborns. Essentially, it is a good catch, and the “breeding” is institutionalized and exported.

I don’t think there can be a question about “security”. Do you want a baby to spend the month or year without his mother and his phone, do you want to get an iPhone 15, or what are you looking for?

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Cover photo by Eugenio Da Flickr (Cazelino 900, Rome).

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