November 28, 2022


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Black Friday - Cautions: - People don't criticize

Black Friday – Cautions: – People don’t criticize

Like Halloween, Black Friday is an American phenomenon that is gradually becoming popular in Norway as well.

Black Friday always falls on the fourth Friday in November, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, and marks the start of Christmas shopping. In recent years, the Trade Suite has been extended to include both Black Week and Black Month, so you can add sales leads throughout the month.

– Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for scammers who count on not criticizing people while looking for a deal, NITO Expert Committee Chair on Information Technology and Digitization Per Øyvind Hodøl says in a press release.

– As a customer, you have to be careful when a deal seems too good to be true

Forgery: Scams abound every day. We offer you an overview of the most popular of them. Photo: Shutterstock / NTB: Cut: Tobias Fjeldvang. Correspondent: Empla Hjort Larsen. Photo: NTB
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NITO explains that Black Friday is one of the most profitable days for cybercriminals.

Therefore, they warn against fake websites, fake links and unprotected submission of personal information.

We are also aware of the issues surrounding identity theft. Your ID is very valuable. If it gets lost, it can cause serious damage. There are insurance policies that take this into account, as Nito wrote in the conclusion in the press release.