Response: – I can’t live with the nickname “the monster.”

Response: – I can’t live with the nickname “the monster.”

“A non-profit organization with nearly 115,000 members that represents both the elite and elite of the world’s leading winter sports nation cannot live with being called a ‘monster.’

“It makes a strong impression and steals energy.”

This is what Arne Baumann, General Secretary of the Ski Association, wrote in his memoirs VG.

He may have been referring to public relations expert Hans Gilmuiden, who stated in an interview with Nettavisen that:

– The Bumps in the Ski Society are the monster in this story, and Lucas Brathen is the hero.

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– The elections are the clutches of a huge loss

In the wake of the shocking news that Lukas Bråthen had resigned, Baumann was clear that there would be room for loners, individualists and colorful personalities to flourish and flourish in Norwegian skiing.

He writes, among other things, “When the world’s best slalom skier gives up at the age of 23 because the joy of skiing has disappeared, we have to admit that we have failed to realize that ambition.”

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He sees the election of Braaths as a great loss for Norway and alpine sports, and acknowledges that the Ski Association bears responsibility.

At the same time, he explained that the skating association must learn from its mistakes.

He admits the ski association has had its problems in recent years. Accusations of lack of morals, failed values, disrespectful treatment, bullying, outdated models of care and dictatorships abounded.

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Bauman points out that the criticism is not coming from anonymous online trolls, but from some powerful voices in society and sports.

– Value-based management

Meanwhile, Baumann is keen to show that most of the athletes have signed national team agreements and are ready to perform this winter.

The Secretary General believes that the financial foundations of the Ski Association and the foundations of Norwegian Skiing have been significantly weakened, and they must now realize that we are at a turning point.

“If we do not quickly reverse this trend, all other discussions will be redundant. These things are inextricably linked. In order to be able to boost the economy, we must gain the trust of artists, audiences and sponsors alike,” Bauman writes.

It is now clear that excitement and commitment should be created, not arguments and conflicts.

“Value-based management and dialogue are the mainstay of my work at the Ski Association, and even if it is not possible to put out all the fires overnight, we should not hesitate to get to work.

The first item on the agenda is to improve direct dialogue between all parties concerned. It is a strenuous exercise in itself,” he writes

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