Solar cells of the future are getting closer: Researchers may have solved a big problem

Solar cells of the future are getting closer: Researchers may have solved a big problem

But now researchers at Pennsylvania State University believe they have developed a way to make highly efficient and durable perovskite solar cells.

Withstands harsh weather conditions

Researchers have made powerful solar cells using a mixture of perovskite and inorganic materials such as cesium, lead and iodide.

The material has proven its ability to withstand various environmental factors when combined with perovskite in solar cells.

The researchers produced a solar cell unit that achieved high efficiency and showed good durability under harsh weather conditions.

The efficiency of a solar cell is calculated based on the amount of sunlight it can convert into electricity. If a given solar cell has a 20% efficiency, one-fifth of the total sunlight that reaches the cell can be used to generate electricity.

“When we moved from the laboratory to a real-world solar module, our design showed an efficiency of 18 percent. “These preliminary results confirm the potential of our approach to develop large, stable perovskite solar modules,” says Nelson Dzadeh, assistant professor of energy and metallurgical engineering and co-author of the paper. . the studywhich was published in the journal Nature Energy.

The units maintained more than ninety percent of their original efficiency after two hundred hours of external storage.

This makes the solar cells the most powerful perovskite cells ever produced.

Although the researchers stress that there is still a long way to go before perovskite cells become widespread, their success in making them robust in the real world is a crucial step forward.

“With this approach, we believe that in the near future it will be possible to increase the efficiency of this material to more than 25 percent. When we do this, the commercialization of future solar cells will be very close.” press release.

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