June 5, 2023


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weather, precipitation |  Meteorologists warn: - Large amounts of water can lead to frightening situations

weather, precipitation | Meteorologists warn: – Large amounts of water can lead to frightening situations

Massive amounts of rain swept Westland County on Friday, mostly in the county’s interior and central regions.

In Voss, the municipality is setting up a crisis management team due to the ongoing flooding, Chief of Staff Tor Halvorsen in Voss told Nettvizen Friday night.

There is also an ongoing evacuation in Tigdalen, which is being handled by the police and the Voss Fire Service. Readiness has also been increased with regard to the technical operation of buildings and properties.

Motorists should expect heavy rain, heavy rain and closed roads. If you don’t have to drive out, you should stay home and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa, says Kjetil Larsen in Vegtrafikksentralen to Nettavisen on Friday afternoon, after E16 is closed at two different places near Voss.

On Friday, the NVE raised the flood warning level to the red level for the central and interior regions of Vestland County. This can cause widespread flooding, erosion and flood damage in open spaces, which in turn can lead to road and bridge closures. An orange level has also been reported in the event of landslides and mudslides in the same area.

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12 buckets per day per square meter

Most of Merckdalen’s precipitation has been near Voss with 126.4 millimeters in the past 24 hours, duty-man meteorologist Martin Granrod at the Meteorological Institute told Nettvizen Friday afternoon.

– This corresponds to 12 buckets of 1 liter of water per square meter. The Skare area of ​​Odda and Gullfjellet in Bergen municipality have seen up to 110 mm of rain in the past 24 hours. The rains have lasted for a long time and over large areas, says Granrod, who explained that it was because of the low pressure in the Atlantic Ocean that reached over the North Sea.

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– Scary situations can arise

When a large amount of water over large areas is forced to drain again and collect it in rivers, streams, and streams, it tends to produce a lot of rainwater.

– In addition, there are a lot of tree leaves that are now clogging ponds and drains. The most important thing is to let the water flow freely. If it overflows, it is wise to stay away and not look for it. Granrod warns that large rivers can suddenly explode.

He confirms that the rainfall will recede during Friday evening and the beginning of the night and will gradually turn into dry weather. Heading out to western Norway for a mild weekend getaway with temperatures reaching 13°C.

– There may still be some rain in the air, especially on Sunday night. But with few glimpses of the sun in between, Granrod confirms.

A warm treat for the weekend

At Sunndalsøra on Friday night, 18.8 degrees were measured, Granrød explains. This is due to trade winds, which are low pressure at sea that pump warm air from southern latitudes. Therefore, the weather was mild in several places in eastern Norway on Friday, which will continue through the weekend.

– The sun’s rays will remain moderate and for longer periods. Granrød says Saturday will be a win-win for everyone, and Sunday’s temperature will be somewhat lower.

Next week, southern and eastern Norway will be characterized by cloudy weather and periods of rain. Southern Norway gets the most rainfall.

Heading for cooler weather until the end of next week. Whether it works or not is too early to say. He explains that if this happens, there may be snow in areas approximately 500-600 meters above sea level.

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Here they get some sun

In Møre, Romsdal and Trøndelag, there will be some rain on Saturday with changing cloud cover, but also bright sunshine.

The higher the north, the greater the chance of the sun rising outside. From Sunday, central Norway will see a week of warm weather around 13°C, and temperatures will gradually decrease slightly during the week.

In Nordland, there will be showers this weekend and Monday, according to Granrod:

Scattered showers are falling and it is still light. In the lowlands, precipitation falls in the form of rain. From Tuesday, the weather will be dry and relatively nice with some sun. It will also get progressively cooler, and will approach minus degrees in the lowlands as well.

snow and frost

It will be cloudy in Troms and Finnmark through Tuesday, but with brief periods of sunshine and some rain. It may also snow at higher elevations, with snow and sleet on Finnmarksvidda. Nice weather will arrive at the end of the week.

– In Spitsbergen, the temperature is relatively cool below 0 degrees and partly cloudy with light snow from time to time. But without the very large quantities, Granrod says.