Get the best rooms at a low price

Get the best rooms at a low price

Some guests get the room with the most beautiful view of the fjord and mountains, while others end with a window facing the melancholy backyard.

Some get a balcony and plenty of space outside and inside, while others get room that barely fits a suitcase.

They pay the same amount as the others. Why is it like that?

This is how rooms are distributed

There is a fairly simple philosophy behind allocating hotel rooms.

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Upgraded: If you’re going to celebrate a “round day”, wedding day, or other event, you’ll often end up with an upgraded hotel room – without paying extra for it. Photo: Odd Roar Lange
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– Prioritizing guests who participate in the hotel’s loyalty program has become very recent. There is a fierce focus on this. So, it’s smart to remember to sign in to your site when booking a hotel room via the app or website, says Vanja Langsauvold Praut, hotel manager at Scandic Alexandra Hotel and Celite Hotel in Molde.

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But you don’t have to end up with rooms of the lowest standard.

People are surprised at how cheap it is to upgrade hotel rooms. One can move from a standard room to a room with a great view and balcony for a few hundred dollars. Or you end up with a junior suite because you remember to ask for a free or cheap upgrade at check-in, says Langsåvold Braute.

corrects the error

– The best rooms often come first, because guests ask for rooms in the best categories and are happy to pay extra for these, says hotel manager Wilhelm Hartwig at Hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo.

This costs elevator tickets

This costs elevator tickets

– In recent months we have seen a sharp increase in demand for the best rooms, says Hartwig and continues:

– If the guest has had a negative hotel experience, we try our best to rectify with the upgrade.

– Other than that, it’s a good idea to ask about the possibility of an upgrade at check-in. Booking through the hotel chain’s website is smart because we can then detect that the guest is a member of the loyalty program.

broken room

– It’s “un-Norwegian”, but it’s definitely possible to haggle over a hotel room rate, or request a free upgrade, continues Vanja Langsåvold Braute.

Sometimes the hotel may have rooms with some deficiencies. Like a broken TV or a crack in a window or something. Here’s your chance to save a hundred dollars.

– Guests who request it frequently can get these rooms at deeply discounted rates. It’s a beat mode. The hotel room is not unused, and the guest gets a cheap hotel room.

Search Engine

When guests book rooms through external search engines Not Having the best rooms, that’s part of the reason:

Hotels must pay up to 15-25 percent of the room rate in the “fee” to the booking company. Therefore, priority is given to guests who book directly, thus leaving all funds with the respective hotel. External booking sites are smart to use when you need to find the overview and availability of different hotels as per destinations. But it can be smarter to make a reservation directly at the hotel.

Get double compensation

Get double compensation

best day

Reservation sites often offer “a few rooms” so you can book quickly. Please note that this applies only to a number of rooms in this company, and does not indicate the number of rooms available in the hotel in total.

The best day to book hotel rooms is on Sundays from 2 pm onwards. Then you can talk to the people at the front desk, because the reservation manager has a weekend. They often have a good overview and can give you a good price and a good room.

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