Renate Reinsve talks about an embarrassing encounter with Justin Bieber – VG

Renate Reinsve talks about an embarrassing encounter with Justin Bieber - VG
Welcome to the elevator: It is said that Rinat Renzvi met Justin Bieber in a place where it is difficult to get away.

The award-winning actress says she struggled with English and content when she met the pop giant in an elevator in Los Angeles.

Rinat Renzvi, 34, has managed in recent weeks to notice that American film critics have almost queued to praise her and Joachim Trier’s directing “The Worst Man in the World” in his 2021 annual summaries.

The award-winning Reinsve was already part of the United States to promote the film, which could be nominated for an Academy Award.

Then it’s normal to turn to Los Angeles – and there you can quickly run into stars bigger than you.

According to an interview with a fashion magazine, milk and honey Reinsve did just that. There she described an “awkward” encounter with Justin Bieber.

red in a tired face

– I showed up in the wrong place for a meeting in Los Angeles, after ten hours on the plane I was confused, then I ran with my face ever tired, and then I went to the elevator, before the door shuts again a man slipping and it was Justin Bieber, as Reinsve tells the magazine.

‘GENTLEMAN’: This is how Renate Rensev describes pop comedian Justin Bieber.

From there it becomes a requirement, she says:

– Of course I turned completely red at my already tired face. He sees it, so he asks very kindly if all goes well and I answer, but from my mouth comes an English dramen as I explain that I am in the wrong place and have no idea where I am going, says Rainsf, who comes from Solbergelva in Drammen municipality.

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English Drammen

According to Rensev, Bieber handles the situation well:

– He’s very cute and says things are going well. Then it got a little quiet so I ask, I’m still in English Drammen, red in the face, how are you? He replies he’s fine and lets me out of the elevator first, and the door after that, like a real man, says the actor to King and Huning.

VG has been in touch with Reinsve, who does not want to comment on the meeting further. But she remembers that the meeting took place this winter.

There is indeed a connection between Rensev and Bieber: they are both clients of star designer Carla Welch, who minmot previously mentioned.

By the way, Bieber is ready for it New visit to Norway Late summer this year.

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