More than half of Norway’s energy is renewable – E24

More than half of Norway's energy is renewable - E24

New figures show that Norwegians have sharply reduced energy consumption during Corona.

– We can drive an electric car as much as we can drive a gasoline car, but with significantly less energy consumption, says Knut Kropelin of Energy Nord.

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Never before have Norwegians received so much of their energy from renewables as they did last year, as the Norwegian Energy Renewables Barometer shows.

More than half of the energy used last year was renewable. This secures Norway the third place in the world, according to Energi Norge.

Only Iceland and Sweden have a higher percentage of renewable energy, says Knut Kroepelien, director of Energi Norge to E24. The organization is a consortium of renewable energy companies in Norway.

Knut Kröpelin, Norwegian Energy Director

The best homes, oil and gas is the worst

Compared to the previous year, the share of renewable energy increased by 0.4 percentage points in 2020. In total, it fell by 50.4 percent.

The most renewable families. There, 74 percent of all energy is renewable, because the majority of the energy comes from electricity, Koeppelin says.

On the other hand, industry uses 62 percent of renewable energy, while the transportation sector has fallen to 15 percent, and oil and gas extraction uses only 12 percent of renewable energy.

Almost half of our energy still comes from fossil sources. Our desire for the government that will rule Norway from the fall is an electricity strategy, says Kröpelin.

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The Norwegians used significantly less energy during the corona

The regeneration meter also shows that Norwegians used 12 terawatt-hours (TWh) less energy in corona year 2020. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of 750,000 homes.

According to Energi Norge, the sharp decline is attributed primarily to reduced air traffic and less activity in the service sector during the pandemic.

In addition, more electricity leads to lower energy consumption, because electric power is more efficient.

In other words: We can drive an electric car as far as a gasoline-powered car, but with significantly less energy consumption, says Kropelin.

In total, energy consumption in Norway decreased from 316.2 TWh in 2019 to 304.2 TWh last year.

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Hydroelectric power, such as that produced by Tafjord Power Generation in Zakariasdammen, could generate billions in export revenue, according to a report by the business organization NHO.

One billion exports expected for green energy solutions

Norwegian Energy is calling for more electricity in all sectors. It will increase the share of renewable energy and increase the efficiency of the energy already used. In addition, in isolation, this will increase revenue for renewable energy producers, which are behind Energy Norway.

Norway has pioneering expertise in renewable energy production, smart grids and market solutions, says Norway’s Director of Energy.

Kroepelien refers to the NHO . report green electric value chains. It concludes that offensive investment in electrification could result in annual export revenues of more than NOK 300 billion by 2030.

“We have very good conditions to build a supplier industry within the offshore wind, batteries, hydrogen, and offshore electrification sector,” Kropelin says.

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