Sour and cold

Sour and cold

State meteorologist Magnus Ovehde tells Dogbladet that it will be relatively cool in eastern Norway this week.

– It will be easterly and cooler with some clouds.

Warmer temperatures tomorrow could be between 10 and 15 degrees. However, temperatures will drop soon, and dry weather is expected throughout the week.

– Easterners should prepare for low clouds. It’s not certain that the weather will be good for the weekend, Ovehead continues.

If you’re unlucky, high pressure in the fall can lead to low cloud cover and fog. Ovehead explains that it is uncertain what conditions will look like in eastern Norway. Anyway, good weather.

Disappointing news: – strong wind

Sunny and pleasant weather

– A low pressure system will spread over Trøndelag and western Norway from tomorrow. The state meteorologist explains that we can expect more rain along with strong winds along the coast.

A low pressure system will quickly pass overnight Tuesday.

Throughout the week from Wednesday, a strong high pressure develops over Trøndelag and Nordland. In western Norway and Trøndelag, expect a long period of good weather.

– Ovehead says it will probably be sunny and pleasant weather.

Here are the lightning strikes: A boy plays in the rain when lightning strikes.
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Snow may come

Opposite poles should prepare for a gray week. The worst weather will be in the far north and south.

It’s fairly sour in southern Norway and rains snow and ice on the coast of Finnmark.

In Nordland, there will be prolonged weather and fine weather from Tuesday. Some clouds at times, but mostly fine weather.

– Cold northerly wind, rain and drizzle a lot in recent days in Trams and Finnmark. The meteorologist said that it will continue for a few more days.

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A little snow is possible in Trams at least through Wednesday and Thursday. The rain will move a little further north, but northerners won’t experience any sea breezes and can count on blustery weather.

Meteorologist Warning:- Do not drive here

Meteorologist Warning:- Do not drive here

becomes lighter

Temperatures are relatively constant, but in southern Norway the weather is temporarily mild.

– Southern Norway is on the edge of high pressure and will experience sour and relatively cool weather with some rain.

With the exception of the first low pressure depression over western Norway and Trøndelag, there was no large-scale precipitation across the country.

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