– Will be difficult for Bieral – V.G

- Will be difficult for Bieral - V.G

About half a million people download BeReal every day in the U.S., and competitors have adapted to the concept. How often do you use it? Answer below.

The app where people share a natural snapshot once a day is growing fast. According to techcrunch.com More than 50 million people have downloaded it, and the pace is particularly high in the US.


Success has put rivals to work lately Introduced TikTok Similar service.

VG asked Tiktok if “Now” was a copycat. They don’t want to answer that.

– It is very obvious that it has been copied. Such is the case with these great warriors. One of them will soon buy all of BeReal, says social media expert Astrid Whalen-Udvik.

In Norway, BeReal was the 4th most downloaded free app on Tuesday. TikTok Now is at number 2.

Life is hard

Although BeReal aims to create a daily habit, statistics show that only nine percent of Android users open it every day. Señor Tower.

If you have a BeReal, how often do you use it?

– BeReal will be hard to survive. Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok already have the same functions, and people keep their networks there, Whalen-Udvik says.

Many are interested in the app because it’s new and has become a talking point, but he believes it’s not rich enough in content that people won’t leave.

Social media expert Astrid Whelan-Utvik doesn’t trust BeReal.

– They need to make sure there is more going on than just a few pictures of friends being posted once a day. Or it really turned out to be intended, perhaps, to show here and now.

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Valen-Utvik points out that many people create and “shape” the images they share so that when the BeReal notification arrives, it appears different to the situation people are in.

– New players and social platforms need to deliver very well, and be completely different from the big services, and have an opportunity to go beyond being a niche product.

Instagram is testing the “BeReal” function – Tek.no

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