We find a Viking ship from the 8th century and a new grave in Karme – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio

We find a Viking ship from the 8th century and a new grave in Karme – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio

– Several pointers suggest that this is a sailing ship built in 770, 50 years before the Oseberg ship, says Håkon Reiersen, associate professor at Stavanger University’s Archaeological Museum.

Spectacular Viking finds have been made at Torvastad in Karmoy.

– These are fascinating discoveries that shed new light on the first Viking kings, says Ryerson.

He headed the research project.

In 1886, the Storhawk Burial Ground was opened. It is located in Torvastad in Nord-Karmøy, but is part of the Avaldsnes project.

In addition to the 27-meter Viking ship, two swords, a spear and a glass board game were also found.

A new burial ground was found

Now they have made a new discovery in the same burial ground.

– What we discovered really surprised us. We found the stern of a ship under a bridge that was later built. And parts of a small boat, Reiersen says.

The ship they discovered is the first direct evidence of the use of sails in Scandinavia.

In June last year, they also discovered a new Viking grave in the area. It is the third in a row after the cemetery at Storhag and Kronhag.

These are ship graves or royal graves. Archaeologists have kept these discoveries a secret until now.

– These tombs are the oldest in Europe. Rierson says this is where the royal funeral originated.

The new grave is 40-50 in diameter. It was explored to some extent in the early 20th century, but little has been discovered since then.

Osberg Ship

The Oseberg Shipyard was built in 820. Now they have discovered a 50-year-old ship.

Photo: Unknown/Oslo Museum

– Totally unique

Now they have found a ship here too with the help of georadar surveys. The vessel is believed to be 20 meters long.

– He says it is absolutely unique to have three ship graves in such a limited area.

The findings mean that the theory of a kingdom ruled from Aultsnes before Harald Harfagre is strengthened.

– There is a geographically dense concentration of Karmøy ship graves.

Avaltsnes in Garme, located a few kilometers from the finds, was a center of power during the Viking Age. Many more research projects have been carried out here.

The ongoing research project is part of the Maktens havn project launched in 2019. The project focuses on the harbor areas around Avaldsnes.

Funded by a private individual

The investigations that led to the findings presented today were funded by a SAND. He lives in Hedmarken and has no connection to Garmoy.

– I am very interested in Norwegian history and especially the Viking Age, Sand justified the prize money in an interview with NRK last year.

For 3,500 years, Avaldsnes was a powerhouse on the coast. The kings sat here and controlled shipping through Karmasundet – which was once called Nordwegen, which gave us our country’s name. At Karmasundet, the kings were buried with their ships.

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