Peak after the Christmas party

Peak after the Christmas party

Corona infection has been confirmed in 35 people in Tokyo municipality. Of these, 18 attended a private Christmas party on the first day of Christmas, of which 16 were confirmed to be Omigron.

The meeting, held in Tokyo municipality, was attended by twenty people. Exactly how many people participated, said Municipal Chief Physician Lars H. Ericsson did not want to comment, but confirmed to DocBlade that he had more than 20 people.

Tokyo: The chief medical officer of Tokyo municipality Lars H. Ericsson believes the government’s corona measures are necessary. Photo: Private
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– Basically, it’s about a Christmas party on December 25 that almost everyone is affected by Omigran. I can confirm that the age group of the participants is youth. On the second day of Christmas it was a new party, where participants took part in the first event. There were 20 more, Erickson says.

In mid-December, the government introduced new measures that would allow private homes to have a maximum of ten guests and a maximum of 20 guests at a time during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Strict recommendations

The two companies were held privately, and no further cases of infection have been confirmed since the meeting on the second day of Christmas. The municipality has since tightened its recommendations to stay home in the event of an illness – despite mild symptoms, says the municipal supervisor.

Previously, Toke had not been exposed to more than three infections simultaneously and had survived the outbreaks. Erickson describes today’s infection rates as a new fact.

– Even if this outbreak is stopped, I think we are entering a situation of continued infection. This is a new fact for us. Now that this situation has come to us, I think the actions of the government were practical, he said.

– Do you believe in an extension of action?

– I hope Omigran is not too dangerous and with the help of Corona Pass you can open the community quickly. The municipal supervisor responds that we are now working full time to set the third dose, and that we are doing well with both doses.

Counter Stop: Line Vault, director of the FHI’s department, says they are aware that infection control measures carry a heavy burden. Reporter: Edward Stenland
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Expect more infection

The neighboring municipality of Firestall also has higher infection rates as a result of Christmas parties in Tokyo. As of January 4, 32 people had been isolated in the municipality. Municipal Chief Physician Karin Kristin Østerhus expects more people to test positive for the same outbreak.

– I did not expect this to end. But he says we believe the routes of transmission are under control and there is no wild infection in the municipality.

Reported on Tuesday NDP In the last 24 hours 20 new people have been affected in the municipality of Firestall. This was rejected by sterhus.

– This is not correct, but is the result of a delay from the lab. There is only one new case in the last 24 hours – this eruption develops from the days following Christmas. But it is true that we have a bigger explosion than ever before, says Asterhaus.

- Expect more: Karin Christine Asterhaus, the municipal chief physician in Frestle municipality, is expecting more infections associated with Christmas parties.  Photo: Private

– Expect more: Karin Christine Asterhaus, the municipal chief physician in Frestle municipality, is expecting more infections associated with Christmas parties. Photo: Private
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He says 90 percent of the population over the age of 18 has been vaccinated with the second dose.

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