Expert Panel of Journal:- Species:

Expert Panel of Journal:- Species:

At the year’s last meeting of the Press Professional Committee (PFU), it was decided that Andalsnes Avis had breached good journalistic practice.

It happens after host and local politician (H) Gaute Grøtta Grav He complained to the local newspaper.

He believes they have breached the Vær varsom poster’s editorial responsibility, information control and breadth of sources, as well as objectivity and consideration.

Now he is coming out hard against the newspaper’s chief executive, editor Trond Arvid Lund.

– I am satisfied, not surprised. Grota Grau tells Talkblade that a newspaper shouldn’t operate like this.

Read the response to the editor at Åndalsnes Avis further down in the article.

I got rid of the “best friend” complaint

– Shown as non-serious

Grota Gra’s complaint comes after he said in an article in Andalsnes Avis that he wanted to make a film about early voting.

There he said that the film will be published on the website of a local newspaper, among other things.

At the same time, the editor of the newspaper, Trond Alund, believed that they had never received a request to publish this image. In a transitional headline, the paper concludes:

“The press was not contacted”

In his complaint, Grotta Grau writes that he was portrayed as petty when the magazine editor quoted him on the deal, which he refused. He also replied that the newspaper would not correct the error.

At Tuesday’s PFU meeting, Grøtta Grav received broad support, and Åndalsnes Avis scored 3.2. Denied in , it deals with information control and source width.

– Council member Stein Bjøntegård told the meeting that I can understand that the teacher makes a mistake, but it is difficult to accept that he did not apologize.

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PFU president Anne Weider Aasen emphasizes that the editor-in-chief is responsible for everything that goes into the newspaper, and must have an overview of what the business unit is doing.

– Here we are talking about publication in advertising space, so it is difficult to avoid a penalty.

Here it is again

Here it is again

Butchers Teacher

Grøtta Grav told Dagbladet that she believed it was very serious that the case she reported to the newspaper came in the middle of a local election campaign, because according to her it could affect the outcome of the election.

He says that in previous disagreements with the media, amicable solutions have been reached. Not so this time.

– Åndalsnes Avis could not achieve it because the editor Trond Alund is too weak professionally, says Grøtta Grav.

The anchor believes that the local newspaper has gone from being a respectable newspaper to a non-credible newspaper in less than two years.

According to Grota Gra, the newspaper is going hard without information about what they write. He puts it on the teacher’s shoulders.

– I recommend him as Norway’s worst editor.

– He had a chance to meet me, but he turned it down. He cannot see his faults. I don’t think he took it too seriously. I hope the board can take responsibility and remove him from office and let decent people take over.

- Men are talked down to

– Men are talked down to

– To err is human

Submitted review to Dagbladet editor Trond Alund.

He replies that Grota Grau should be allowed to say what he thinks and that cutting is cutting.

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– We will take it to heart. When the PFU believes we have committed a breach, we expect an apology. It is human to err, but in retrospect we should have made amends to avoid punishment, Alund tells Dugbladet.

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