England: – The nurses were convicted of: – Pure evil

England: – The nurses were convicted of: – Pure evil

“I drugged one of them so hard that she was a hair away from death, haha ​​(can be translated as ‘laugh out loud’, journ.anm.). I think she was completely unconscious for a week.”

This is just one of many disturbing messages that nurse Katherine Hudson, 54, sent to work colleagues via the WhatsApp messaging service in 2017 and 2018.

Now the 54-year-old has been jailed for seven years and two months, after a nursing student told police what was happening at Blackpool Victoria Hospital in Lancashire.

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The local police write that in a press release.

The issue has been discussed in many international media, including: BBC.

Anesthetized patients

Hudson was convicted of administering sedatives to two patients on a stroke ward without a doctor’s consent.

The purpose should be to sedate patients so that staff have an easier shift.

She was also convicted of conspiring with her colleague, Charlotte Wilmot, 48, to drug a third patient.

Wilmot was sentenced to three years in prison. In addition to conspiracy, she was convicted of encouraging Hudson to abuse patients.

Open search for documentaries from Netflix

Open search for documentaries from Netflix

They both claimed their innocence, and explained that the letters they sent to each other were gallows humor, and were not to be taken literally.

According to the BBC, evidence in the case pointed to a dysfunctional medication system with free access to prescription drugs on the ward.

It can be fatal

The medication used to sedate stroke patients was zopiclone, a prescription narcotic used as a sleeping pill. The BBC writes that it can be fatal if given incorrectly.

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The ruling is based on: - Complete illness

The ruling is based on: – Complete illness

Hudson reportedly told the whistleblower that the patient in question who was to receive Zopiclone had a “do not resuscitate order” (DNR), an instruction stating that the patient should not be resuscitated and therefore would not be autopsied at the hospital. Death occurred.

Judge Robert Aktham said in court that the defendants exploited patients to obtain quieter care for entertainment and to exercise power in a reprehensible manner.

Hudson’s friend, Marek Grabianowski (46), who at the time was a nurse in another department, was also sentenced to 14 months in prison.

– Pure evil

Grabianowski pleaded guilty earlier this year to conspiring with Hudson, as well as trying to obstruct the investigation by concealing evidence.

During Wednesday’s sentencing, Brian Scott took the floor to praise the whistleblower for showing great courage, most likely saving the life of his mother, Eileen Scott, 76.

Patient: Elaine Scott was one of Hudson's patients.  Photo: Police

Patient: Elaine Scott was one of Hudson’s patients. Photo: Police
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The 76-year-old was one of the patients Hudson was convicted of abusing. She was too ill to appear in court in person, but according to her son, she is still afraid to go to the hospital after what happened.

“The way you talked about them is beyond belief and nothing short of pure evil,” Scott told Hudson during sentencing. Watchman.

This will haunt us for the rest of our lives,” he added.

Lancashire Police also condemns their actions.

– It was clear that emotionless actions carried significant risks: inappropriate anesthesia for elderly stroke patients could lead to further complications and even death. Police Chief Gil Johnston said they were both fully aware of the risks, which makes their behavior more difficult to understand. independent.

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