Difficult driving conditions in the north – good in the south

Difficult driving conditions in the north – good in the south

Although eastern Norway has good driving conditions, roads in northern Norway are characterized by snow, slippery roads and stormy weather.

Traffic now: Highway 83 Blomjoten. Movement Sarvika. Webcam: Norwegian Road Administration

– We have some difficult driving conditions due to a lot of snow last night, and many closed roads due to the storm, says Rita Bjerkli, transport operator for NTB at Vegtrafiksentralen nord.

Both the E6 above Saltfjellett and the county road 76 above Dosenfjellett have Sunday morning convoy driving.

These roads are closed due to the storm and heavy snow:

  • Fylkesvei 7742 Aunfjellet
  • Fylkesvei 7862 Kaperdalen
  • County Road 7740 Harstad
  • County Road 7886 Husøyveien
  • Highway 83 Harstad

According to Bjerkli, county road 7570 Beisfjord and county road 862 Bringneset are closed until further notice due to avalanche danger.

There is a yellow warning for snow in the regions of Møre and Romsdal, Vestland and Rogaland and Agder. The danger was over Sunday night.

Like the E6.  Direction Dunderlandsdalen.  Webcam: Norwegian Road Administration
Transport now: E6 Bolna. Direction Dunderlandsdalen. Webcam: Norwegian Road Administration

More string

– Snow has been reported throughout the morning, but tapers off slightly from 2pm. We hope that the roads will improve then, he says.

Bjerkli urges people to take it easy while driving and keep up-to-date on which roads are open.

Further south, the Road Traffic Center in the East can report much better driving conditions.

– No particularly challenging stretches reported. There are slippery roads, but nothing more unusual than in winter, said Tilia K, a transport operator. Madre says.

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While they are still driving, he asks people to take it easy.

Passes the mountain

The E16 Filefjell has reopened to traffic after being closed due to a storm on Saturday evening.

At the same time the Western Transport Center warns that it can be extended at short notice.

On Saturday, all mountain passes in southern Norway were closed due to the storm.

On Sunday morning, the E6 will be open over Dovre and Feilfgel.

These mountain passes are still closed:

* E134 Haukelifjell: Closed

* Fv 50 Hol-Aurland: Closed

* Rv 7 Hardangervidda: Closed

* Rv 52 Hemsedalsfjellet: Closed

* Rv 13 Vikafjellet: Closed

* R15 Strynefjellet: Closed

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