Egg shortage, egg crisis Crisis in Norway – now Ukraine offers “emergency aid”.

Egg shortage, egg crisis  Crisis in Norway – now Ukraine offers “emergency aid”.

The late winter and spring of 2024 are characterized by egg shortages in Norway. It turned completely blue when the egg supply returned to normal. 17.—It is not certain that you will get eggs to make scrambled eggs for micaca, or cured meat.

Netavisen has previously written about Norwegians hoarding eggs in Sweden and emptying a maxi-mat at Nordby Center in Svinsund for eggs at Easter.

Norway has provided billions in support to Ukraine since the full-scale invasion began on 24 February 2022.

Now the war-torn country will come to Norway's aid. This is shown in documents accessed by Netavicen.

Ukraine is closely following the egg situation

In a letter from the Ukrainian Embassy to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, they ask what requirements are needed to export eggs to Norway.

The Ukrainian embassy in Oslo confirms to Nettavisen that they want to help Norway, but they are aware of Norway's restrictive attitudes towards food imports.

– We have closely followed the reports about the lack of eggs in Norway, which recently received a lot of attention in the Norwegian media, Ihor Holovchenko, Acting Ambassador at the Ukrainian Embassy in Oslo, writes to Netavisen.

Start immediately

According to Holovchenko, there are discussions about the structure surrounding the export of eggs from Ukraine to Norway. The hope is that once the legal and organizational aspects are in place, they can be launched immediately.

– At the moment, we are focused on obtaining information about the requirements and procedures for obtaining a permit to export eggs and egg products to Norway, Holovchenko writes.

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He is also proud of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, which he says was helpful in getting the information he needed.

– The Ambassador writes that the Embassy of Ukraine will continue to contribute to these efforts, aiming to strengthen bilateral economic cooperation between our countries.

It is unclear how many eggs Ukraine will eventually be able to sell to Norway.

Clear egg requirements

Agriculture Minister Geir Pollestad (Sp) tells Nettavisen that processing this type of application is the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

– I don't know that anyone asked to import, says Pollestad.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority tells Netavisen that no eggs will be imported from Ukraine in 2023 or so far in 2024.

Ukraine is listed to import eggs and egg products to the EU and EEA. Therefore, the Ukrainian authorities should only recognize and list companies that export eggs and products.

In addition, the cargo must be accompanied by a health certificate signed by a general veterinarian in Ukraine and veterinary border control when moving into the EU and EEA.

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