Bell and Peters are selling housing: they want a 70 percent profit

Bell and Peters are selling housing: they want a 70 percent profit

Fashion founder and influencer Camilla Biehl and her manager Peter Peters are selling the city villa, or “townhouse” as it is referred to in the ad, at Nobel Gate 1 on Frogner in Oslo.

The floor plans in the ad actually describe the house as a terraced house. The sales ad highlights a 38 square meter south-facing balcony, a parking space with an electric car charger, and “beautiful color design and well-thought-out lighting.”

The house in Skarpsno in Frogner has two bathrooms and three bedrooms.

The asking price is NOK 35 million, an increase of almost 70 percent since they bought the house for NOK 20.75 million in 2020.

The house was completely renovated in the year of purchase. The selling brokers were Hans Holland and Bastian Hesselberg Berke.

It is uncertain whether Pihl and Peters will actually make a profit of nearly 70 percent, taking the overall renewal in 2020 into account. The total price for the renovation may not have exceeded NOK 14.25 million, the difference from the asking price four years ago.

To date, Finansavisen has not been able to contact brokers.

In February this year, Bell and Peters bought Fritzner Gate 1, located in Gimli, for NOK 60 million, from former NRC founder Øyvind Horbstad.

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