– Very soon – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

– Very soon – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Before I come to a decision on that question, it is important to get a complete overview and answers to all the questions, including the decision of the Control and Constitutional Committee.

writes the conservative mayor Frank Pedersen In Dansberg’s response to NRK’s ​​email.

Not taking a position: Newly elected Dansberg Mayor Frank Pedersen is undecided about Erna Solberg’s candidacy for prime minister in 2025.

Photo: Hans Christian Thorbjornsen / right

The question is simple and straightforward: Should Erna Solberg continue as leader of the Conservative Party and be the Conservative Party’s prime ministerial candidate in 2025?

– I believe that Erna has self-awareness and the ability to make that decision at her own pace, says Pedersen.

The new conservative mayor of Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city, is also not ready to make decisions now. Kent Ranum says the matter should be decided at Høyre’s next national meeting.

When the National Assembly has to make that decision, the confidence of the electorate is absolutely crucial. Therefore, he says, it is unnatural for the control committee in Storting to report on this before it has completed its work.

Kent Run (H)

Unnatural: Trondheim Mayor Kent Ranum believes that it is unnatural for the control committee in the Storting to make a decision before completing the eligibility cases.

Photo: Bjarte Johannesen / NRK

Under the plan, the Conservative Party will not have a national convention until 2025, but laws allow it to hold one next year as well.

This weekend, the Conservative Party is bringing together more than 100 mayors for a major conference in Gardamoyne. The central committee meeting of the party is held on Sundays and Mondays.

– Too soon

Mayor Arild Windsland Birkenes in Akter is not ready to decide whether Erna Solberg should continue as Conservative Party leader and prime ministerial candidate.

– That’s it, for exampleOr to answer soon. I think he and the party will have to see based on the investigations now underway, he writes.

Windsland believes that the Conservative Party’s support in the poll shows that the party has not failed the merits issue Solberg is involved in.

– MHe points out that the party has to make some key choices with Erna soon so that the eligibility issue does not overshadow the important political work that needs to be done.

Arild Windsland

Too early: It is too early to answer whether Erna Solberg should lead the Conservative Party in the 2025 election campaign, says Birkens Mayor Arild Windsland.

Photo: Svein Sundsdal / NRK

Frank Pedersen in Tonsberg hopes Solberg will give the party his answer soon.

– Pedersen says that the decision of the Control and Constitutional Committee should come relatively soon so that the party has plenty of time to prepare for the general election in 2025.

On Tuesday, the Control Panel held a marathon hearing on the merits cases of Erna Solberg and several ministers from Storr’s government.

The group is expected to be completed before Christmas. Politicians face harsh criticism from the Storting. So the question is whether Solberg is confident enough to continue as a prime ministerial candidate – primarily in his own party, but also in collaborating parties Frp, Venstre and KrF.

Plus or minus

Solberg has repeatedly said that the Conservative Party and he must evaluate whether he is the right person to lead the party forward.

– For me, the most important thing is that I am not a plus and a minus for the party, and I and the party have to discuss going forward, said Solberg when the result of Økokrim came last Friday.

Yesterday she repeated the same message after the control hearing.

Now NRK has asked Høyre’s mayors, district leaders and parliamentary representatives what they think: Erna Solberg is currently a plus or a minus for the party.

Many right-wing leaders have responded, and the majority are positive: Solberg is still a plus for the party. Frank Pedersen in Dansberg thinks so.

– BToday I think Erna is a plus, he says.

Mayor Mathias Bernard In Christiansund it reads:

We know what leadership qualities she has. In good times and in hard times. He is for the whole party and has a work ethic unmatched by any Norwegian politician. He says Norway and the Conservative Party need Erna.

Mathias Bernard

Erna needed: Norway needs Erna, says Matthias Fernander, the conservative mayor of Kristiansand.


Erna Solberg says it’s an even bigger plus for the party Vaughan Mayor Vidar Thom Benjaminson.

But further south, i Tvedestrand is the mayor Marianne Landas Also uncertain. Although he believes Solberg will be able to continue as leader, he believes the stock case has affected the party leader’s position.

Now she might be a minus rather than a plus. But it could turn out to be much more, he writes.


Within the Conservative Party, there is now debate over who would be party leader and prime ministerial candidate if Solberg steps down. Two Vice Presidents Tina Bro And Henrik Asheim Among the many mentioned. So did the former Minister of Defense and External Affairs Ine Erickson Sorite.

“Erna Solberg is the leader of the Conservative Party and there is no leadership debate in the party,” he wrote.
Søreide in another email Television 2 In autumn.

NRK knows that many in the conservative party are not sure if Solberg is really wise to continue. But Storting representatives Olve Grotle, Linda Helleland and Ingunn Foss do not want to change party leaders now. Everyone thinks Solberg should move on.

The openness, honesty and vulnerability shown by Erna throughout this process assures me that she will restore people’s faith, she writes. Linda HellandWith ministerial experience from the Solberg government, N.R.K.

Linda Hofstadt Helland stands in the hallway outside a meeting room.  She held the phone in her hand and smiled

Backs Solberg: Storting representative Linda Helland won’t replace party leader now.

Photo: Bjarte M. Johannesen / NRK

Erna Solberg also has support among district leaders. Central Committee Member and Chairman Westfold and Telemark Hoyer, Rune HawksnessIt says:

I do not take the matter lightly because it is serious. But I believe Erna should continue. His qualifications as a leader are undeniable.

District Mayor Anne Stromey In Westfold (H) the voters will decide whether Erna Solberg is a plus or a minus for the party.

Recent measurements indicate he’s a plus, he points out.


Central board member and founder of Storberg Steiner J. Olson And I hope Solberg describes her as “a strength and plus to the right.” The leader of Oslo Høyre does the same. Morton SteensrupAsked if Solberg wants to be a prime ministerial candidate in 2025, he answers with a curt “yes.”

But not everyone was equally clear in their support for Erna Solberg. Central Committee Member Hain Velure He did not want to speak to the media and indicated that it was an “internal party process”.

Young Høyre’s leader Ola Svenneby was restrained in his answer to NRK:

These are the questions I look forward to discussing in Unge Hoir and in Hoir’s Central Committee.

Erna Solberg and Ola Svenneby at Unge Høyre's school election vigil on 5 September 2023.

DOSS: Young Conservative leader Ola Svenneby looks ahead to internal debates over Erna Solberg’s future in the Conservative Party.

Photo: Amanda Iverson Orlich / NRK

During Tuesday’s hearing, FRP leader Carl I. Hagen made it clear that the FRP, Venstre and KrF wanted to make it clear as soon as possible whether Solberg had confidence as a prime ministerial candidate.

On the same day, Sandefjord mayor and conservative party veteran Bjørn Ole Gleditsch told NRK that it would be a challenge for Sindre Finns husband Erna Solberg to run for prime minister again.

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