Reacts to the test method: – Disappointment

Reacts to the test method: – Disappointment

– We can manipulate dice rolls, but the premise must be correct, Idar Holland tells Tinside.

He is a butcher in Håland Kjøtt and mentions Stavanger Aftenblad’s pinnekjøtt testThere his pork chops received 2 rolls, and were described as tasteless.

Holland admits he was initially surprised and disappointed by the low rating, but believes the test prototype was far from ideal.

He points out that the pork was soaked for 24 hours – twice their recommendation of 10-12 hours.

– At first I was disappointed, but I saw how the test was conducted, then the pieces fell a little bit, and I was able to breathe a little more, he said. Online newspaperHe was the first to mention the case.

Please check this before you buy

Has clear instructions

According to the butcher, overwatering leads to loss of flavor and texture. He believes such tests should take into account manufacturers’ methods.

– Pork chops are produced differently and require different processing. We have clear instructions for watering, both at the counter and through verbal interaction with customers. The experiment was short because the irrigation decision was decisive, Holland explains.

Lamb Ribs: Did you know there’s a trick to getting the water out of pork faster? According to Matprat, if you forget to drain the pork chops, this trick should only be used as an emergency solution. Video: Berit B. Norga. Cut to: Tobias Feldwang.
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He points out that Aftenbladet previously gave a solid roll of the dice 6 in 2015, when the pork chops were marinated for 15 hours – which is very close to their recommended 12 hours.

– I think they are simply unlucky in this experiment, says the butcher.

You can drink it with pork chops

You can drink it with pork chops

Chef’s Rating

Pernille F. Pettersen, culture and features editor at Stavanger Aftenblad, says they understand the fact that the pork chops are not marinated as recommended by Håland Kjøtt.

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– Petersen tells Tinside that we had a good conversation with owner Idar Holland after the trial was published and appreciate the constructive feedback from him.

Safer in testing: - Peterson says the judges gave their points by testing all the meat before they found out what they ate.  Photo: Stavanger Aftenblad

Safer in testing: – Peterson says the judges gave their points by testing all the meat before they found out what they ate. Photo: Stavanger Aftenblad
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She also mentions Article Published in Aftenbladet after the trial.

– The pork chops from Håland meat came in a paper bag without instructions, and we received no instructions about dilution upon purchase. The author explains that if we had known that we only had to soak the pork for 12 hours, we would have done it.

Nevertheless, they believe the experiment was well conducted. Peterson, the jury consists of well-experienced experts who have carried out a thorough evaluation.

– The meat is marinated for 24 hours as it usually gives the best results and is based on the chef’s assessment. The jury’s evaluation took into account that some pork chops have shorter or longer recommended draining times. It’s not just the length of dilution that’s critical in testing, Peterson elaborates.

In Aftenbladet the editor Pettersen points out that they have pork chops from Håland for 24 hours and the last time they tested their pork chops was 15 hours Håland claims, but gives the right that he got a six on the dice at that time. .

Lamb Ribs: Dagbladet’s Christopher Sjuve gives you a simple guide on how to get the perfect bacon. Photo/clip: Bjørge Dahle Johansen / Dagbladet TV
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– A poor consolation

Asked if the use of the word “tasteless” was a consolation, even though more water than recommended was added to the meat, he replies:

– Then the pieces fell into place. Even I would have given our own bacon 2 dice, if it had been watered down too long it would have been tasteless and not what it should have been. The damage was done anyway, but it gave us an explanation for our pride. It’s poor comfort, says Holland.

The butcher tells of the guest who called him the morning after the experiment was published. She traveled from Stavanger to Jeren and bought eight kilos of pork.

– She read the test on Thursday and wondered how she would dare serve pork chops at a Saturday dinner party. “I explained how it was connected to irrigation and she understood and chose to believe,” he says.

The man called the butcher again on Sunday morning and made, according to him, a very good opinion.

How to save the rest

How to save the rest

There have been many cancellations

Håland reveals that some pork chops have already been canceled this year, given concerns about possible consequences of the trial.

He worries that people may avoid his chopsticks based solely on the test, without reading any of the subsequent explanations.

– It is clear that we are concerned that sales are falling. At least there has been no increase so far this year. But we don’t think it’s going to get too bad, says the butcher.

– At the same time, it will certainly influence some guests to make other choices, he adds.

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