Vinmonopolet – now it’s urgent

Vinmonopolet – now it’s urgent

For many, it’s essential to have something good in the glass before, during and after Christmas gatherings. If you’re planning on ordering something extra good this year, you’ll want to get your finger on the pulse soon.

Venmonopolet tells That in December you have to count on a little extra time to order.

We therefore recommend placing your order at least three weeks before the requested delivery date.

Dump prices

No guarantee

Vinmonopolet has previously informed and recommended that the order should be sent by December 2 to ensure that the goods are delivered to the home before Christmas Eve, but it may happen that the order arrives before Christmas.

– If you order after this date, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the shipment will arrive on time. This applies to orders placed to both shops and the post office, as well as goods delivered to the door.

You also don’t have much time if you want the ordered goods delivered to your door to celebrate the New Year.

– Unfortunately, it is not possible to deliver goods to your door between 23 December and 2 January. The first possible door delivery date after Christmas is Tuesday 2nd January.

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Trend items as new sales increase

Are you wondering what the most popular drink is at this time of year? Then Vinmonopolet’s sales numbers show a clear winner.

Red wine is once again the largest category by far at 47 percent of total sales. It is also worth noting that the growth of white wine, beer, side dishes and non-alcoholic products continues.

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Thousands in line

Thousands in line

– November’s numbers are consistent with last year’s main trend, with sales slowly but surely shifting in the direction of lighter product groups, which tend to contain less alcohol, sugar and calories, says Jens Nordahl, press officer at Vinmonopolet. In a press release.

Last Friday, Vinmonopolet reduced the prices of a number of goods. Here you can read about Francesco Marzola, wine director of the newly opened embassy in Oslo, and his various tips.

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