Kiske will be the leader of the local Labor Party – VG

Kiske will be the leader of the local Labor Party - VG
Mayor ?: Trond Kiske says he has no ambition to become the mayoral candidate in Trondheim in almost two years.

Former Labor vice-president Trond Kiske, 55, has been elected chairman of the Nidaros Social Democratic Forum in Trondheim.


– I became the leader of Trondhelac’s smallest local team – Kiske says it only had nine members this fall:

– Now we have grown to 16, but he says it may still be smaller in Trondhela and Norway.

– At the base

Kiske was not re-elected to Sporting and has not held any office in the Labor Party since.

This fall, for the first time in 34 years, I did not hold any office in the Labor Party. Now I am back to where I started; In the basement, a small local layer. This is where we need to create a system, says Kiske.

He says he was elected at an extraordinary annual meeting recently.

– There were six of them; Not so bad on such a small team.

– What is the goal?

Without posts: After serving as AUF leader, parliamentarian and minister since 1992, Giske now holds no heavy, central positions in the Labor Party.

– Must participate in the organizational structure, not least, to win the municipal election to be held in Trondheim in 2023. I have always loved basic corporate work. We will also have an ideological discussion and discuss the big questions.

Their Facebook page says, “We are fighting for a Norway built on popular and clear social democracy and against the right turn in society.”

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– 100 percent safe

He denies that the team has resurfaced in order to gain a foothold and leadership position in the Labor Party.

– This is a non-functional local team, which was restructured this winter. Elected President found that he did not have time yet, so he asked me. I said yes to that.

He says the recruitment target is Harry.

– At least in percentage, he laughs:

– The goal should be to double the number of members in the short term.

– After Rita Otterwick, who has been holding the mayoral chain since 2003, can you be suspected of having Labor’s candidacy for mayor in Trondheim in the local elections in almost two years?

– I can say with 100 percent certainty that I will not stay. This is a volunteer party political commitment where I will participate in schooling, recruitment and political discussions.

– What ambitions do you have in politics in Trondheim?

– Create a contribution for us to win again in the next municipal election in Trondheim.

– During such a victory, you will not have central positions in Trondheim?

– No, no. I won’t even be on the list.

National Politics: Trond Kiske says he will participate in political debate in the future.

Kiske also insists he has no national political ambitions:

– No, not beyond occasional participation in political debate.

With him as vice president, Anita gets Barstad.

– We want a forum that is open to wide-ranging political discussions, Børstad tells Vijay.

Until recently, he was a committee member of another Labor party in Trondheim and ran for the party in the 2019 municipal elections. Børstad tells VG that he is now the vice president of Nidaro’s Social Democratic Forum and that he has worked with the former vice president. Throughout the fall the Labor Party put the local team on its feet.

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Local committee for the entire city

Normally, local teams would be affiliated with districts in Trondheim, but the new team would attract politically interested people from all over the city. Børstad explains that this was the background to the choice of the name Nidaro’s Social Democratic Forum.

The name was recently approved by the Trondheim Ap Board. Local teams are independent units under the Trondheim Labor Party. They may receive financial assistance to hold meetings and assist with printed matters. All members rank as a local team.

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