Mummy found in Peru: – Traumatic discovery: Hands and feet tied

Mummy found in Peru: - Traumatic discovery: Hands and feet tied

Archaeologists from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos recently made a startling discovery in a burial chamber in Peru, not far from the capital, Lima.

The university writes itself on its website Facebook pages.

About 40 archaeologists began excavations at Cajamarquilla in mid-October, and have now discovered a mummy in very good condition.

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The discovery was made underground, in the middle of an old plaza in an old mall. shall according to CNN It was a huge surprise, as the team didn’t look for any mummy at all.

The special thing about this discovery is that the mummy was found in a rather brutal position: tied with a rope, in the fetal position with his hands in front of his face.

However, this must have been a common burial from the mountainous regions of southern parts of Peru, according to the researchers who led the excavations.

The discovery of this inhabitant gives us new knowledge about the interaction and conditions before the Spaniards came here, archaeologist Peter van Dalen Luna tells CNN.

He led the excavations with his colleague Yumira Huaman Santillan. Students from the universities of San Marcos, San Cristobal de Huamanga and San Antonio de Abad del Cusco contributed to the work.

According to Luna, the mummy was likely a young man between 25 and 30 years old, who had traveled from the mountainous regions all the way to the commercial center of Cajamarquilla.

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The age of the mummy can be between 800-1200 years, which means that it belongs to a long period before the arrival of the Spaniards on the continent.

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It is also the oldest of the Inca people known, among other things, for their founding of the famous fortress of Machu Picchu in the 15th century.

The circumstances surrounding the discovery led researchers to believe that this was not an ordinary citizen, but perhaps an important person of his time.

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– The fact that we found a mummy of such characteristics in the middle of the square shows that this is a person of high stature, says Luna.

He says that the person, for example, was probably a high-ranking merchant.

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Outside the burial chamber, archaeologists found several mollusks from the sea. Perhaps these were gifts from descendants, according to archaeologists.

– After the body is placed in the burial chamber, events and activities are constantly taking place outside. Luna says their descendants return over many years to make food and offerings, including slugs.

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He says they also found bones of a llama outside the burial chamber, an animal that was often eaten at the time. So researchers believe that pieces of llamas must have been prepared and then offered as a sacrifice to the deceased.

In addition, archaeologists have found pottery, vegetable remains and stone tools, according to an article in a British newspaper. Watchman.

Now the archaeological team will use future time to date the carbon remains, so they can narrow down the time period the person lived in, as well as learn more about the individual’s identity.

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