Chess, recovery action | Rescue mission at Skjåk: Man who fell into the river

Chess, recovery action |  Rescue mission at Skjåk: Man who fell into the river

A man must have fallen into the river, and according to the police, there must have been a large flow of water in the river. The police received information at 11.24 pm.

GD last contacted police at 07.25 Thursday morning: unfortunately no findings. We are continuing the operation, says operations manager Christian Bijanes.

Police say they are looking for a 30-year-old foreigner who works in Skjåk. Sjåk municipality’s crisis team helps there.

Fell into the river

– Operations manager Christian Bijans tells NTB that it was reported by the people who were with the now missing person.

VG reports that according to witnesses, the man must have slipped and fallen into the river.

– The person must have fallen Polfossen, and a rescue operation was launched with great force, Innlandet police district operations manager Kristian Bjaanes told Fjuken newspaper at midnight.

Bijanus told GD around one o’clock that all emergency services, air ambulance and volunteers are participating in the rescue operation. Volunteers search the banks of the river. Civil Defense is on site to assist on Thursday morning, and Aadhaar personnel from River Rescue are heading to the scene, police informed NTB at 6 p.m. An air ambulance and drone operator also help.

– We also ordered the drone included in the quest.

Large water flow

The operations manager says there are demanding conditions at the site.

– It is dark and the water flow is high.

Update from police at 4pm on Thursday: A search is underway for Ottelvai by emergency services, the Red Cross and a drone. We have sought additional help with the river rescue from Swedish Civil Defense and resource persons.

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The police got a tip just before half past twelve and luckily the man was there. The police said that the person is a foreigner.

– Bijanus says he must have slipped into the waterfall and disappeared.

The municipality’s crisis team has been activated and will look after those who were with the man when he fell into the water.

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