Discussion: Why can’t I get a job?

Discussion: Why can’t I get a job?

We have a way to go when it comes to inclusion and equality in working life. I am a living example of that.

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Syed Sajad Amiri (21), Oscar is a former member of the Council for People with Limited Functional Disabilities and a member of the Conservative Party.

I have been a job seeker for almost four years now with no success.

It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I have a disability and will either consciously or unconsciously end up at the bottom of the application pile.

So the question is: why should it be so hard for me to get a job?

Discrimination and prejudice is one of the primary obstacles that I and many others face on the way to meaningful work.

Many people, including employers, have prejudices that they do not once relate to.

This can lead to deserving candidates being ignored in favor of others, and is not only unfair but a situation that is destructive to our mental health.

It could also be due to lack of comfort in the workplace.

But it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Yet, even with so many support programs, sometimes simple adaptation seems too limited.

This is a great pity, because it is important for our participation!

Employers often lack the necessary training and awareness of how to best support disabled employees.

It leads to misunderstandings and hinders our effective integration in working life. Are public programs so poorly known?

Another challenge we face is financial constraints. People with disabilities may face increased medical costs or the need for specialized equipment and services, which can add additional burden.

It is even more important to have equal opportunities in the labor market to achieve financial independence.

Officials play an important role in this equation. They should strengthen existing anti-discrimination laws and introduce incentives to encourage employers to hire people with disabilities.

In training and awareness, companies need more investment to promote inclusive working life.

When looking at possible solutions, it is important to focus on policy changes that promote inclusion.

For example, incentives for companies that actively adapt the workplace and hire people with disabilities are one way to go.

Furthermore, there should be investment in training and awareness-raising to help employers understand and support employees with diverse needs.

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The perspective of experts and enthusiasts in the field is also important. They have deep knowledge of specific challenges and know what it takes to create an inclusive workplace.

It is clear that there are significant challenges in the labor market for people with disabilities.

But it’s important to remember that with information, the right support and facilitation, these people can make a positive contribution to the workplace in addition to society as a whole.

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Now is the time for us to work together as a society to remove the barriers that stand in the way of full inclusion.

These steps can create a fair and productive labor market for all, regardless of functional ability.

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