June 10, 2023


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Fire emergency in Oslo

Latest: Oslo Police reports that at 20:00 the fire service is extinguishing the fire at the scene and that no one has been injured.

– They report that a case is being opened and the investigation will reveal the cause of the incident.

Smoke billows from an industrial building in Kværnerbyen, east of Oslo, Oslo 110-sentral Twitter.

– OBER [Oslo brann- og redningsetat] Just arrived. They write that we go with smoke divers.

Warehouse building

According to information from Dagbladet, it concerns a warehouse on Enebakkveien, where several fires have recently occurred.

Oslo police are asking neighbors to keep windows and doors closed. According to residents, the message is conveyed loudly using megaphones.

At present they do not know the cause of the smoke. The purpose is also not clear.

The direction of the wind is a problem, as the smoke blows straight into nearby apartments.

Old building

Erik Fredriksson, duty commander at OBRE, tells Dagbladet that the fire service has arrived at an old industrial building.

– The fire service went out with ten fire engines, he says.

However, Fredriksen says the fire service has yet to determine the cause of the fire in the building.

– We are now entering the building with smoke divers. He says we have not received any information about the evacuation of the residents of the area.

The duty commander says OBRE doesn’t know how the fire started. However, he notes that there is “some fire” in the area.

Major emergency: The fire brigade went out with several cars. Photo: Caroline Pedersen / Dogbladet
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