Autumn holidays begin to get wet in the south – Northern Norway weather winner

Autumn holidays begin to get wet in the south - Northern Norway weather winner

If you’re one of those people who starts the fall holidays on Friday, there’s no reason to raise expectations about the weather. The floodgates of paradise will open and those who come for the autumn holidays will get some wet days in the south.

The reason is the low pressure level prevailing in the Norwegian Sea.

– They bring a lot of rain, says meteorologist Iselin Skjervagen to NTB at the Meteorological Center.

– This rain is hitting the areas where the autumn holidays start on Friday. So the start of the fall holidays looks very wet, he says.

It will rain in the south especially on Friday, we have to trust meteorologists.

Next week there will be autumn holidays in Oslo, Wiegen, Akhtar, Troms and Finmark, Norland and Svalbard.

Domestic, More og Romsdal, Rogaland, Trøndelag, Vestfold and Telemark and Vestland have to wait until next week with the “potato holiday”.

Rain, showers and heavy rain. This will be a wet start to the autumn holidays, for those in southern Norway. Photo: Vidar Root / NTP

“Bucket down”

Do not place the umbrella or southwest in the drawer. On Saturday, the bright spot is where the weather may be staying at home, but on Sunday it will be “Bucket Town” again.

It is uncertain which way this low pressure goes. Preliminary forecasts suggest that the rain will continue on Monday.

– So it looks like a gray start to the fall holidays.

Temperatures in southern Norway range from 10 to 13 degrees in most places. On Friday, Charland can get up to 15 degrees and can crawl up to 9 degrees internally.

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– Excellent weather

There won’t be a big difference in temperature between the North and the South, but the similarities will stay there – because Northern Norway is the weather winner until Sunday.

Here you can expect what Skeerwagon calls the best weather. The exception may be in the south of the Northland, where there may be some rain on Friday. But in other parts of northern Norway this seems promising.

Depends on how it will be on Saturday and where the low pressure will take the rain, but the weather is likely to be good on Saturday as well. I mean the sun, but with a little more clouds.

On Sunday it starts to change because the low pressure will move upwards and give scattered rain.

Monday looks bad too, and then there will be a little more rain, the meteorologist told NTB.

Winter tires?

For many, autumn vacation means a trip to the mountains. So the question is whether you should put shoes in the car and wear winter tires.

According to Skjerwagen, the weather is southerly, which means that if the low pressure came from the north and below, we would not have the cold weather available to you.

– It may not be very cold, but suddenly there may be snow in the mountains. So for sure, the meteorologist says I will switch to winter tires.

He says the snow line on Friday will be about 1,400 meters in some places.

Snow and ice in Svalbard

According to Svalbard, it will be fine in Longyearbyen on Friday, while rain is expected in the north. Chances of scattered rain and snow are expected on Saturday, while heavy rain and snow are expected in some places on Sunday.

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The temperature will be four degrees on Friday, before slowly moving to one degree on Sunday.

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