– An alarming increase – VG

– An alarming increase – VG
Denmark: Denmark has lost the Omigron variant.

In Denmark, 183 cases of the Omigron variant have now been detected, more than in Europe.

As of Friday, there were 18 confirmed and 48 suspected cases of omigran variant of the corona virus in Denmark.

Before the new figures came from Denmark, there was a European Centers for Disease Control ECDC On Sunday, 182 final confirmed Omigran cases were registered in 17 countries. All were mild or asymptomatic, and no deaths were reported.

Denmark is one of the countries in Europe with the most advanced system for sorting corona variations. So Daniels often detect more cases faster than comparable countries, so the statistics do not mean that the infection is high.

According to public health officials, the increase is even more worrying.

Many chains of infection

– We are seeing a worrying increase in the number of Omigron-victims in Denmark, says SSI CEO Henrik Ullam.

– Now there are constant chains of infection, he says, where the infection is found among those who do not travel or come in contact with travelers.

183 Omigron cases detected in Denmark by PCR tests and sequencing, Reports Statens Serum Institute (SSI) Sunday. 151 cases were detected by PCR tests.

The company believes that these tests are now more secure and that all cases can be considered confirmed.

Infection: According to Henrik Ullam, director of the Statens’ Serum Institute (SSI), there are now continuing chains of infection, where infection is found among those who do not travel or have no contact with passengers. Here he is at a press conference in September.

Christmas lunch

Since the first case was confirmed in Denmark a week ago, authorities, among others, have found an outbreak of the disease in Jutland after a Christmas breakfast with 150 people.

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– So far we have recorded that 55 of the guests have been infected, says Birkit Truss, Deputy Director of the Danish Agency for Patient Care, which is responsible for diagnosing the infection.

The infection has been steadily rising in Denmark over the past week. On Sunday, the daily infection rate dropped below 4,000 for the first time, but this was combined with a lower number of PCR tests.

In the last 14 days, 1,023 out of 100,000 people in the country have been affected. In Norway, the corresponding number is 778.

Also admitted to the hospital

447 people have been admitted to Danish hospitals with Kovit-19 disease. One month ago the number was 260, two months ago it was 80.

An expert panel on SSI estimates that the number of coronary patients could increase from 550 to 750 by mid-December.

In Denmark, 80 percent of people are fully vaccinated, while more than 900,000 people have received the third dose. Health officials.

Progress in laboratories

Health officials in Denmark are now focusing on delaying the spread of the Omigran infection in parallel with vaccinating more people.

– SSI Director Ullum says that we are now working hard to slow the growth through rapid laboratory detection of the virus variant, thus starting soon with the detection of the infection.

In Norway, according to the FHI, there were 19 confirmed Omigron cases on Friday. However, the actual number may be higher.

The corona eruption at the Louis restaurant in Oslo is suspected to be the largest Omigron eruption ever to occur outside of South Africa. Work is still underway to determine what types of viruses are present in the bodies of victims.

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