Weather, Spring | Here's to sun, sun and more sun this weekend

Weather, Spring |  Here's to sun, sun and more sun this weekend

March lives up to its name as the first month of spring, and after a long and harsh winter, many parts of the country got a taste of spring sun this week.

This seems to be happening in western Norway, from Stavanger in the south to Molte in the north, with a sunny weekend facing spring temperatures.

Eastern Norway, on the other hand, will have to say goodbye to the sun for the time being, as winds from the northeast are expected to have a cloudy weekend.

Weather will be the winners

– Yes, Bergen and Westland weather will be the winners. This doesn't happen often, so we should be proud of it, says state meteorologist Alexander Skelvedt. Bergen Newspaper Thursday.

But with good weather comes the risk of forest fires. On Wednesday, Yr issued a yellow warning for Vestlandet, Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal. The warning remains in effect until significant rainfall occurs. It is recommended to be careful with open flames and otherwise follow the instructions of local authorities.

– Vegetation catches fire easily and large areas could be affected, meteorologists warn on their website.

Snow and ice in the south and north

Southern Norway was not so lucky in early March. The week has begun With ice and snow in Christiansund, but they got a glimpse of the sun on Thursday. Friday will also be a good day.

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It should be enjoyed because the outlook for the weekend is not good. As in eastern Norway, winds from the northeast will cause cloudy weather, but there is also a risk of some snow or sleet in the south.

Meteorologists are declaring Nordland the weather winner in northern Norway this weekend, where both Saturday and Sunday will be sunny. However, further north, it doesn't look promising.

– For Troms and Finnmark, cloud cover will become more variable and there may be some snow or sleet, write meteorologists at X.

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