– Sitting at home doesn’t make me – V.G

- Sitting at home doesn't make me - V.G
Influences: Eveline Carlson began posting videos on YouTube to share makeup tips with colleagues across the country. Today he is one of Norway’s biggest influencers.

Eveline Carlson (30) from Skene has always appreciated hard work and throwing several balls in the air at once. In recent years, he has become one of Norway’s most profitable influencers.

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In her teenage years, Eveline Carlson had only one plan – to become a football professional. He went to an excellent sports high school in Skene, played on the circuit team and devoted his time and energy to the football field.

– Also, me and all my friends got to the age where you start wearing make-up, and then it lit up something in me in the wardrobe after football. Carlson says I created them all.

At the age of 20, the influencer had to put his football boots in the closet as a result of injuries.

– It’s absolutely terrifying. Imagine, you’ve gone almost 20 years and thought you’d become a football professional.

– Didn’t earn a single penny

For several years after Carlson retired from football, he worked as a training manager and traveling makeup artist for the perfume chain Friedrich & Luisa. Additionally, she runs YouTube and makes makeup videos for fun.

– Then I came to a place where nothing was challenging. Either we have to do something new, or I have to do something else.

He made the tough choice to quit his job to focus on YouTube – where he currently has over 90,000 followers and 20 million views.

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– It was very scary. I recently got out of a long term relationship. I had a lot of expenses because I lived alone, she adds:

– I left that job a long time ago. YouTube is nothing. I didn’t earn a penny from it, says Carlson.

– Are you a person who often takes chances?

– That’s what I do. If I don’t, I don’t think it’s funny.

VIXEN: Eveline Karlsen wins “Business of the Year” at the 2021 Vixen Influencer Awards.

Created a million stores

In recent years, the 30-year-old’s passion for makeup and beauty has grown into a million-dollar store. Carlsen is not in management and negotiates all contracts, operations and client interactions.

– It is difficult not to take revenge on someone. I work one hundred percent alone. There is no one who can influence me in a day. I have no one to discuss. Absolutely horrible. In fact, I like colleagues, he says.

With or without colleagues – in 2021, the influencer quits 15.2 million kroner It has its own name through its wholly owned joint stock company. This is NOK 8.2 million more than the previous year. The two-year-old company had a profit of 13.8 million.

was to compare Company of Sophie Ellis 8.4 million revenue in 2021.

Carlson believes his success is due to his never going for simple and short-term solutions. It’s meant to be a bit challenging with high pulse and adrenaline – and often in danger.

– It has to be a little harder to be worth it. At least I’ve always experienced it.

Schein: In December 2021, influencer Schein purchased an apartment in the city center that will serve as an office and headquarters for work and upcoming projects.

Carlson says he’s strict with himself and describes himself as an “overachiever” — someone who has the character to do great things, but still needs to achieve more.

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– In my head, anything is possible. It can be completely out of context.

– I get up at six every day. That’s how it is. I think it’s because I have a bad time with everything and want to accomplish so much in such a short time. Then I have to “max out” the days.

With a hectic schedule, it is difficult for 30-year-olds to separate work and leisure time.

– We have a cabin in Nevlunghavn. I was born and raised in that area. It was probably the only sanctuary I felt. When I’m there, I feel calm. Otherwise, I am very restless.

Nevlunghavn: The skier loves being at sea and says that the cabin at Nevlunghavn reminds her of her childhood.

For the past three years, Carlson has been in isolation, two of which have been marked by the coronavirus pandemic.

– Now I feel I have a spark to enjoy everything. We feel stuck and limited for too long because we want to meet new people, go to new places and experience new things.

– Are you looking for a girlfriend?

– Can’t say I’m on a quest. Then I lie. I don’t have peaks or any dating app. I didn’t even know if people knew I was single, so I never tried. Can’t someone fall into my lap?

– So simple that everyone has no doubts

Every time someone asked Carlson what she was doing, she always replied, “Make-up.” In recent years, the 30-year-old has noticed a shift when it comes to people’s attitudes towards her work.

– I never needed to convince anyone of anything. “But now that I’m written about more in the media, I notice that people, especially grown men, don’t ask stupid questions,” says Carlson, who says she used to be seen as a young, stupid and blonde woman.

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– Do you think the new “respect” comes from them seeing what you’re selling?

– Yes, unfortunately! But that’s the world we live in.

– but I know it’s easy for everyone not to be suspicious or prejudiced about what you do all the time because they’ve proven that I don’t sit at home and put on makeup.

Future Course: Eveline Carlson says almost everything should have a hand in the game. Here on the red carpet at the premiere of the talk show “Harm & Hexeth” at Frogner in March.

Many projects are being implemented

In 2020, Carlsson began collaborating with one of Sweden’s biggest influencers, Bianca Ingrosso, and was the face of make-up brand Kaya Cosmetics abroad in Norway. This collaboration has now ended.

Karlsson has recently established Brand AS with its own general manager and several employees. Carlsen owns half of the company’s shares with Story House Egmont AS.

The influencer is currently being tight-lipped about the details, but says a fall launch is planned.

– This is what I have worked for all my life. I finally got to make my biggest dream come true. There is also a very long-term plan. This will be my new everyday life, I believe.

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